Brian Sicknick, the 42-year-old American agent who died in the storming of the Capitol in Washington on January 6, will be laid out in the same building for two days on February 2 to pay his last respects.

The US parliament passed a resolution to that effect on Friday.

Normally, that honor is reserved for influential politicians, military personnel and (former) presidents.

The last time Capitol operatives were laid out in state in the Parliament building was in 1998. US Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was commemorated at the Capitol in September.

Sicknick was injured on Jan. 6 when hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the Washington parliament building out of dissatisfaction with the election results.

He died of his injuries a day later.

A precise cause of death has not been disclosed, only that he died while working to defend the parliament building.

According to

The New York Times

, he was hit with a fire extinguisher when stormers broke into parliament.

Those reports have not been confirmed.

According to parliament, Sicknick's heroism has saved lives and defends American democracy.

The agent's body will be laid out in the Capitol for two days so that members of the United States Congress and agents of the Capitol Police can pay their last respects.

On January 6, in addition to Sicknick, four stormers of the Capitol also died.

The riots in Washington led to the second impeachment lawsuit against President Trump who has now left.


Officers are a guard of honor for a colleague who died in storming the Capitol