The Annual General Meeting of the Psychotherapy Center Vastamo, which has been the subject of a data breach, has decided to put the company into liquidation.

The decision was made yesterday at Vastamo's Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting was convened by the Board in early January.

The Chairman of the Board was Heini Pirttijärvi, who worked as the President and CEO of Vastamo.

Both Pirttijärvi and the government resigned this week.

The liquidator, lawyer Lassi Nyyssönen, is starting to run the office.

The therapy activities of the reception center will continue despite the liquidation.

Care relationships continue, agreed therapy times are not canceled, staff salaries continue to be paid and new therapy periods can be agreed.

The department says the decision was difficult and the situation is unfortunate through both employees and customers.

According to IS data, both clients and therapists have left Vastamo after the hacking came to light and the blackmail began in October.

The studies include how as many of Vastamo's clients as possible can continue working with their own therapist.

Options include extending the care relationship both within and outside the Response Office.

Both Heini Pirttijärvi and the company's Board of Directors resigned this week. Photo: Emmi Korhonen / Lehtikuva

In liquidation, the possibilities of realizing the company's business or its parts are examined and liabilities and assets are assessed.

If the debts turn out to be high dirt, bankruptcy will ensue.

The most recent confirmed result of the correspondent for 2019 was a loss of EUR 429,000.

The previous 3 years were profitable for a total of EUR 1,052,000.

The box office does not comment on the current size of its cash register.

However, the company is presumably not insolvent, as it would then probably have filed for bankruptcy.

Heini Pirttijärvi, who was appointed CEO in November, was tasked with exploring options for continuing Vastamo's operations.

These included various financing solutions, corporate reorganizations and operational reorganisations.

These arrangements failed.

The office said in early January that it was under severe financial pressure.

The investigations and remedial measures that followed the hacking, as well as the provision of compensation, have put a heavy strain on the company's finances.

However, the company says it has stabilized its customer work.

In addition to Intera Partners' holding company PTK Midcon, the shareholders of the warehouse are ex-CEO Ville Tapio and his parents.

PTK Midco's holding is 70 per cent, which Ilta-Sanomat's information is sufficient to make decisions.

Ville Tapio's holding is 25 percent.

PTK Midco, the main owner of the warehouse, has demanded the dissolution of the transaction on the grounds that former CEO Ville Tapio is believed to have been aware of the change at the time of the acquisition.

and the court has confiscated Tapio's property for 9,667,000.

Tapio has demanded the revocation of the precautionary measure in a statement he filed with the district court, in which he denies that he was aware of the burglary at the time of the transaction.

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Ville Tapio did not respond to IS's inquiry as to whether he or his representative attended the Annual General Meeting.

The meeting was not open to outsiders.

The founders of the workshop are Nina and Ville Tapio in 2017. Photo: Jukka Gröndahl

The situation of the correspondent will be dealt with in several legal proceedings in the future.

PTK Midco and Ville Tapio are currently in dispute over the legitimacy of the seizure of Tapio's property.

The dissolution of the counterparty's acquisition will be discussed later in arbitration.

There is presumably very little information on this process, as it is not transparent, as in most lawsuits.

The parties are bound by strict confidentiality requirements.

In addition to these, the Central Criminal Police is currently investigating a data protection violation that took place in Vastamo, which enabled the data to leak.

In addition, an investigation is underway into hacking, aggravated blackmail and aggravated intrusion of privacy.

The latter criminal title may also have been committed by those who have further shared the Vastamo customer register, which was published online this week.

Steps in the data room leak: