Ski star Iivo Niskanen put a change of humor in the Falun World Cup.

Yle had asked the Swedish broadcaster SVT to interview Niska after the race so that the reporter would ask him questions in English, but Niskanen would answer in Finnish.

Niskanen saw a great opportunity here.

When SVT's Moa Jörnmark asked him about his view of the race, Niskanen gave a detailed account of the love life of his national teammate Lauri Lepistö.

Jörnmark only realized that he had been deceived only when he was contacted from Finland and was told that the interview video ended up as a viral hit.

Jörnmark does not speak Finnish and Niskanen had seemed serious in the interview situation.

- It's easy to keep Pokka behind the mask, Jörnmark told SVT.

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The reporter does not carry resentment to the ski star.

- I thought this was just funny.

I didn’t have “hard feelings” left, but in the future we will be able to conduct the interviews in English, Jörnmark said.

This is how Niskanen and Jörnmark's exchange progressed:

Iivo, what was your race like today?

- Well, yeah, an interesting question.

Yes, it is obviously Lauri Lepistö's single.

So let’s be a little surprised with the boys that there have still been challenges in finding that spouse.

At the moment, it seems that there would be enough exports.

The difference between the tip and you was pretty big.

What do you think about it?

- Well, that's a smart guy.

Yes, the sun would definitely be worth approaching him perhaps through “Insta” by communicating.

I can’t give more specific relationship advice now to give it.

Yes, Lauri has that kind of demand.

Let’s see who is finally right for him.

It will be quite interesting to see how this saga ends.

Niskanen later opened the case on Instagram.

- Today did not succeed in the best possible way.

I expected a lot from the day, but this is between this.

Fortunately, Yle Urheil ordered remote interviews in Finnish from SVT, so we could talk about more than just skiing.

Continuing downwind Lepistö, Niskanen wrote with a heart smile.