Last weekend, Jari-Matti Latvala got the dream start of his career as a team manager.

Latvala, who became the boss of the WRC rally stable from the rally driver, managed to air the double victory of Toyota cars in the opening rally of the season in Monte Carlo.

Sebastien Ogier already grabbed a record eighth in first place in the classic race and Elfyn Evans finished second.

Finnish star Kalle Rovanperä finished fourth and Japanese driver Takamoto Katsuta in sixth place.

Latvala, 35, drove his last World Rally Championship less than a year ago.

He replaced Tommi Mäkinen, another Finnish rally major, as Toyota's team manager.

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It was Mäkinen who played a significant role in the fact that the Japanese team, which returned to the 2017 World Championship for the 2017 season, quickly rose to the top.

Latvala is aware of Mäkinen's importance.

He valued the work of his predecessor in a column he wrote for the rally site.

In the column, Latvala spoke in his own words about his opening weekend as a team manager.

According to Latvala, the success of Monte Carlo was great, but ...

- There is also a strange feeling associated with these results, he writes.

- It’s really nice when everyone congratulates me and sends me messages, but I think we need to remember that one person who really did the hard work.

According to Latvala, cars, drivers, co-drivers - the whole Toyota team - had been built before he became team manager.

- We must remember that this is still a stable built by Tommi Mäkinen.

He is the man who lifted this stable from the earth to the heavens.

Jari-Matti Latvala previously drove a Toyota race driver under Tommi Mäkinen. Photo: Juhani Niiranen / HS

In addition to Tommi Mäkinen's praise, Latvala writes in his column about how strange it was to participate in the rally as a team manager instead of a driver.

- I didn't say this then, but now I can tell it: when the drivers and co-drivers were preparing for the first special stage, I was a little frustrated, Latvala revealed.

According to Latvala, it would have been nice to be able to drive yourself.

However, my own role started to feel good as the rally progressed.

Next, team manager Latvala is waiting for the World Rally Championship in home circles.

After the cancellation of the Swedish rally, the Arctic Lapland Rally was promoted to the World Rally Championship.

It will be run from 26 to 28.

February in Rovaniemi.