Pop star and actress Jennifer Lopez’s flawless skin became a topic of conversation on social media when the star recently released a video of her skin care products on Instagram.

In the video, Lopez introduced her own skin care products and told them they are the secret to their soft skin.

Some fans were critical of Lopez’s commercial speech and commented that the star had taken botox injections.

Lopez denied the allegations on Instagram.

Now Lopez opens up about botox claims and criticism of his appearance in an interview with People magazine.

The 51-year-old tells the magazine that he is appalled that people think he is lying to him about his beauty operations.

Lopez emphasizes in an interview with People that he is completely organic.

- I don't criticize others.

If someone wants to take botox or other fillers, then what’s in it.

However, I don’t want people to spread lies, Lopez says.

According to the pop star, she uses products from her own JLo Beauty brand and they have done wonders for her skin.

- They work.

Don't call me a liar.

I don’t have to lie about anything, Lopez taps.

- If I had undergone beauty surgery, I would admit it.

Lopez points out to Pope that positive thinking is one of the greatest “secrets” of her beauty.

- I try to be kind to others and encourage other women.

I think it’s important to support others and not try to find anyone, he says.

Jennifer Lopez slipped when people accused her of lying. Image: imageSPACE