Nice that you asked for knitting instructions from the last post, nice!

It's pretty easy;

so both instruction to write and knit to knit, so I'll put it here soon.

And I noticed that it’s probably time to take the poinsettia out of the hallway.


We’ve been pretty hard-working to make good school food (here when there’s no that school food) - one of the easiest fins is pizza sticks.

You can, of course, make the pizza dough yourself, but if you want to get there in a mega-easy way, buy a whole grain dough sheet ready-made, spread the desired fillings on top and roll the dough sheets onto a roll!


In the last few days we have also celebrated Aino's birthday, it was already 11. All 15 girls in the class were celebrating.

It’s funny how kids grow up.

All of a sudden have their own rooms and do not want to sleep longer next door (no Aino wants to, but do not Olli) and as a parent you think about that now what have I done wrong, is it no longer likes me.

Until you remember that they are starting to get big.

That's just normal.

They are starting to become independent people.

Think about how important everything a parent has done so far has been.

All those arms and love and boundaries and security.

And of course still, but that importance of early childhood interaction cannot be overemphasized, it provides the basis for all good growth.

Gradually, they need to be able to make good decisions more and more on their own and parents no longer have such a great deal of influence.

Super important that we take care of ourselves.

We will be better parents and make better choices.

To children (kaan) when commanding is less effective;

they do not behave as you say but as you do and are.

And if you love, kids will learn to love too.

:) I just think out loud because sometimes it’s best to get out to get out to make them more real.

I guess these are not any educational instructions, but the very way of life that you can't always control yourself, but at least be aware and try to influence your own behavior.

A cheerful good Wednesday night, see you soon!