Pascal Soriot, CEO of the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, denies, according to Reuters, that the company has sold coronavirus vaccines ordered by the European Union to other countries in order to make higher profits.

“Our team is working 24/7 to fix problems in coronavirus vaccine production,” Soriot said.

- By no means do we take vaccines from Europeans to sell them elsewhere for a profit.

AstraZeneca has previously promised not to make a profit with coronary vaccines.

AstraZeneca was shocked in the European Union last week when the company announced that it would be able to supply significantly less vaccines than originally expected.

The EU has paid more than € 300 million in advance to ensure vaccines are available when the vaccine is authorized by the European Commission.

The marketing authorization is expected to expire next Friday.

AstraZeneca's announcement raised suspicions that the company had sold vaccines to EU countries to other countries.

These allegations are disputed by the company.

CEO Soriot says coronavirus vaccines will be available within a few days of marketing approval.

At least three million doses will be delivered first.

- The goal is to deliver 17 million doses by February.

The European Union has been frustrated by the difficulties in supplying vaccines.

In addition to AstraZeneca, there have also been supply difficulties with Pfizer and BioNTech.

"We are going to force the pharmaceutical companies to honor the agreements they have signed by using the legal measures at our disposal," Charles Michel, President of the European Council, told Europe 1 radio on Sunday.

The EU has stated that it will in future oblige pharmaceutical companies to report the quantities of vaccines they sell outside the Union and the countries of export.