Demand for used cars was record high in Sweden last year, Vi Bilägare says.

As supply narrowed, prices rose sharply, car dealer Wayken statistics showed.

In Sweden, those looking to buy the most are looking for BMW-branded cars, but Volvo received the largest number of ad impressions.

Of the various power lines, electric car sales increased the most.

In 2020, Blocket sold 109 percent more electric cars than in 2019.

Stores of privately advertised car models:

1. Toyota Aygo

2. Volkswagen Polo

3. Peugeot 206

4. Renault Clio

5. Toyota Corolla

6. Toyota Yaris

7. Citroën Berlingo

8. Škoda Fabia

9. Ford Fiesta

10. Nissan King Cab / Navara

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    Experts speculate that the limit may be found in the 2014 models

Top 10 best-selling (used) cars from car dealerships:

1. Volvo V50

2. Toyota Yaris

3. Kia Sorento

4. Toyota RAV4

5. Volvo XC70

6. Škoda Kodiaq

7. Toyota C-HR

8. Volkswagen Tiguan

9. Volvo V70

10. Volkswagen Polo