A drug from drug manufacturer Eli Lilly and Company could reduce the risk of hospitalization or death after being infected with the coronavirus by 70 percent, the drug manufacturer reports Tuesday, based on new research data.

Eli Lilly and Company conducted tests on a group of 1,000 volunteers.

Some of them received a combination of antibodies, bamlanivimab and etsevimab, while the other half of the group received a placebo.

Within the group that received the real drug, 11 admissions and deaths were reported.

The other group concerned 36 reports.

The study is currently being verified by US authorities.

Eli Lilly and Company hopes to use the research data to contribute to the search for a successful treatment against the corona virus.

It could potentially be deployed first in the United States, the country statistically most affected by the corona pandemic.

One of the substances in the drug, bamlanivimab, can already be used in the US in patients who are in bad shape.

In the US, more than 420,000 residents were killed and 25 million residents were infected.

There is still an investigation into the possible treatment on a group of vulnerable patients in nursing homes.

It is not clear when results are expected from that study.