Welcome to this live blog about the disturbances since the start of the curfew.

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In brief:

  • Riots



    in several municipalities 


    Emergency orders


    regulations have

    been issued in Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Haarlem, Breda, Maastricht, Leiden, Sittard-Geleen, Beek, Zaltbommel, Stein, Echt-Susteren, Almelo, Oosterhout and Capelle aan den IJssel


  • At 9.30 pm, however, it turned out to be relatively quiet in most of the cities.

    So far, arrests have only been reported in Gouda and Rotterdam, while the Amsterdam district of Osdorp has been restless for over an hour.

  • The Public Prosecution Service (OM) and the police call on parents to keep their children 

    at home

a few seconds ago

Fire bomb against Hema in Schijndel

Unknown people tried to set fire to

Hema in Schijndel

tonight around 8.15 pm.

Police suspect that this arson attempt involved two people who fled.

A vigilante is active in Schijndel to guard against rioters.

A video on social media shows that some people chase the suspected arsonists, but they managed to escape.

After 9 p.m. there is practically no one left on the street, the police spokesman said.

Just like in the rest of East Brabant, it is quiet, he said.

a few seconds ago

Relatively quiet in Rotterdam



police informs

Radio Rijnmond

that it is relatively quiet in the city.

"The riot police have been deployed, but not so much for charges. They have not stormed the line. They mainly intervened in violating the curfew and gathering together," said a spokesman.

"That resulted in 33 detainees in total, in Rotterdam-South and Rotterdam-West."

"It is fairly quiet at the moment, I dare to say. Especially compared to Monday. That is due to the maximum effort of the police. We started warning from the start, we were in contact with everyone. The riot police was always nearby. , in the shadow of colleagues on the street. They were able to intervene immediately if necessary, and that is what happened in three places. "

"That has had an effect. The groups that were planning something, that wanted to be difficult, that have left. But we are still in the area. The ME is still driving around here. We are still ready and see what happens. We hope it stays that quiet. "

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

Police chief Woelen: 'Relatively satisfied, much calmer than yesterday'

According to police chief of the National Police Willem Woelen, this evening is "much quieter" than yesterday.

The commander tells this in conversation with 


"We were right on top of it from the start and spoke to groups. There has been no reason to deploy the riot squad or other troops: that was different yesterday."

The officer says he is "relatively satisfied", but emphasizes that the evening is not over yet.

"We have to see what the coming hours will yield. There are still many messages circulating on social media."

a few seconds ago

In Hilversum, those present would have left shortly after the curfew started, the police reported.

In #Hilversum, the municipality has issued an emergency order for the center.

On the instructions of the ME, those present have left the center and it is now quiet again.

There was no confrontation.


Avatar Author Gooi en Vechtstreek Moment of places 20: 20 - 26 January 2021

a few seconds ago

Trams run again via normal routes in Osdorp

Peace has returned to the Amsterdam district of Osdorp in such a way that local trams can run via normal routes again.

a few seconds ago

Feared riots seem to be absent.

Prior to this evening, fifteen to twenty municipalities reported that they had taken additional security measures following signs of riots.


social media

incited riots.

At 9.45 pm, however, the situation in the majority of the municipalities still seems relatively calm.

The massively drafted police force seems to deter rioters.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

Calm in Osdorp appears to be returning after the deployment of ME

According to the


news agency 

, calm appears to be somewhat returning in the Amsterdam district of Osdorp.

Many attendees would have gone.

According to 

Het Parool 

, a group would have taken refuge in a snack bar, where they were surrounded by agents.

a few seconds ago

A cardboard sign in the Grote Marktstraat in The Hague calls for no violence.

Young people have called for riots in the center of the Hofstad via social media.


Photo: ANP


a few seconds ago

Police in Breda lock up a group of people and send them home

In the center of Breda, a large group of people were ordered by the police to go home during the evening.

Several arrests have also been made in the city, but a police spokesman did not yet know the exact number.

The people walked through the city for as yet unknown reasons, after which they were herded together by the police.

Agents then ordered them to go home.

According to the police spokesperson, a large number of them responded.

According to

Omroep Brabant

, these were supporters of NAC, but the spokesperson could not confirm that.

a few seconds ago

Images of the unrest in Amsterdam are shared on social media.

Images of unrest in Amsterdam shared on social media

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

ME carries out charges in the Amsterdam district of Osdorp

According to 

Het Paroo

, the mobile unit (ME) started charging in Osdorp shortly after the curfew started.

A large group of young men creates a troubled situation there.

The rioters have gathered in the vicinity of the Between Meer street and risk at least a fine of 95 euros.

a few seconds ago

9 pm: Curfew has started

At the start of the curfew it still seems relatively quiet in most cities and towns.

So far disturbances have been reported in 




, while in


only crowds have been reported.

a few seconds ago

The Amsterdam police are calling on those present to go home to de-escalate the situation.

Surroundings The Mobile Unit is present between Meer because a large group of young men and boys gathered.

The situation is unsettled and occasionally heavy fireworks are set off.

The police are emphatically present to ensure that things do not escalate.

Go home!


AuthorPolitie Amsterdam eoMoment of places19: 34 - January 26, 2021

a few seconds ago

Unrest in Amsterdam district Osdorp

The Amsterdam district Osdorp is restless, according to images on social media and reports from 

Het Parool. 

Fireworks bombs are said to explode and young people seek confrontation with officers.

The mobile unit (ME) is said to have been sent to the rioters with police dogs.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago



17 people in Rotterdam for gathering

In South Rotterdam and in the city center, 17 people have been arrested so far for gathering, among other things.

The police are massively present in the city after the riots of the day before and check people walking in groups on the street.

According to the police, eight arrests have been made in the center.

There are nine arrests in South.

The police are present in large numbers at the Beijerlandselaan in Rotterdam, where young people were rioting and causing destruction on Monday.

a few seconds ago

Speaking of football supporters: the supporters of MVV Maastricht also want to assist the police tonight.

The football fans would have already gathered.

Football fans gather to assist the police

a few seconds ago

The East Brabant police denies that vests have been distributed to civilians, so that they can assist officers.

The FC Den Bosch supporters' association states that their supporters can support the police in this way.

We understand that there are reports circulating that we provide vests to citizens on the street in parts of #shertogenbosch.

That is emphatically not the case.

We appreciate the support they express with their way of citizen participation, but we do not provide them with vests.


Avatar Author Police East Brabant Moment of places 19:30 - 26 January 2021

a few seconds ago

Man arrested in Nijverdal for incitement

The police in Nijverdal arrested a man this afternoon for incitement,




The man is said to have called for riots in the city, where it is still quiet.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

Busy in Doetinchem, attendees respond to emergency order

It is very busy in Doetinchem, the police reported on



The municipality has therefore issued an emergency order, which, according to the police, is properly followed up.

a few seconds ago

An emergency order has now also been issued in Middelburg due to possible riots.

Calls have been made for riots in Middelburg online.

That is why the mayor has issued an emergency order.

Don't you need to be in the center?

Then you can be sent away.

So stay at home.

The municipality and the police will of course intervene when necessary.


Avatar Author Municipality of Middelburg Moment of places 18: 55 - January 26, 2021

a few seconds ago

Football supporters in Maastricht also on their feet

In Maastricht, just like in Den Bosch, a large group of football supporters are moving through the city.

According to the police, it is probably the Angel-Side, supporters of football club MVV.

The group stood in front of the station for a while around 7.30 pm.

From there they walked into town.

The supporters group of MVV announced earlier that it would take action against rioters.

The parade can be followed live via the Facebook page What is loos in Mestreech?

(What's going on in Maastricht?).

More than 22,000 people follow the live stream.

a few seconds ago

GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond will temporarily close test locations

GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond will close the mobile and temporary test locations in Rotterdam in order to guarantee the safety of employees.

After Wednesday, the test locations must be put into use again.

a few seconds ago

Utrecht receives tips about disturbances

Just like last night, the police of Utrecht received tips about possible riots due to the curfew, the police reported on



Yesterday, apart from a single incident, it remained relatively quiet in the cathedral city.

a few seconds ago

Eleven people have now been arrested in Gouda, police chief Ruud van Es reports.

ALL arrested suspects will receive an order subject to a penalty from @GemeenteGouda.

If they (try to) disrupt public order again, the municipality will forfeit Euro 2,500 per case.

That counter is now at 11.


Author Ruud van EsMoment of places18: 16 - 26 January 2021

a few seconds ago

Opsporing Verzocht

shows images of wanted rioters tonight.

Soon, the police will show the first images of wanted rioters in #OporingVerzoek.

📺 9.20 pm, NPO 1.


Author Investigation Requested Moment of places 18: 04 - January 26, 2021

a few seconds ago

Ten rioters on Museumplein for two weeks longer

Ten adult suspects who were arrested on Sunday on suspicion of public violence during the riots on and around Museumplein in Amsterdam were brought before the examining magistrate on Tuesday.

He has determined that all ten of them must be held in custody for two weeks.

Tomorrow, nine more people will be brought before the examining magistrate, the Public Prosecution Service (





a few seconds ago

Massive police presence in Beijerlandselaan in Rotterdam

The police are present in large numbers in Beijerlandselaan in Rotterdam, where young people were rioting and causing destruction the day before.

According to a reporter on the spot, police cars come and go.

On the street, groups of people are immediately asked by the police for their ID.

Then they are summoned not to walk around in groups because of the current corona measures.

In this way, the police hope to nip new riots in the bud.

a few seconds ago

Rutte visits Schilderswijk affected by riots

Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte paid a visit today to the Schilderswijk in The Hague, one of the places that were the scene of riots and looting in recent evenings.

Among other things, he visited an institution for the mentally handicapped, says a spokesman.

At the relevant institution on the Vaillantlaan, rioters threw in the windows on the ground floor on Sunday.

Rutte spoke with supervisors and also had contact with residents.

He also called entrepreneurs in Rotterdam and Den Bosch.

There was widespread looting and destruction last night.

a few seconds ago

At Marsmanplein in Haarlem, the police check everyone who moves around the square.

Shops are closed and young people have to show their ID and be sent away.

Haarlem has issued an emergency order because of fears of disturbances.


Photo: ANP


a few seconds ago

First arrests in Gouda

The first arrests are a fact, reports the Hague police chief Ruud van Es.

Six youngsters in Gouda are said to have made preparations to start rioting and were immediately arrested.

We are present again this afternoon and tonight with many units visible in @GemeenteGouda and @gem_BR.

We just saw that 6 Gouda youngsters were preparing to start rioting.

They were immediately arrested in the Bloemendaal shopping center.


Author Ruud van EsMoment of places18: 01 - January 26, 2021

a few seconds ago

FC Den Bosch supporters' association will support police during riots

FC Den Bosch football


will help the police with new curfew


, a spokesperson confirms to 


The supporters association, the police and the municipality would have jointly discussed the campaign.

The football fans had already indicated that they "want to protect the city when necessary". 

Recognizable orange vests would have been distributed among members of the supporters association.

It is not yet clear what role the football supporters will play and whether they will receive an exemption from the curfew.

a few seconds ago

More and more cities are declaring emergency warrants and emergency ordinance

Several cities have issued an emergency warrant on Tuesday evening, which usually takes effect immediately.

The cities fear new disturbances.

These include Maastricht, Eindhoven, Haarlem, Zwolle, Leiden, Zaltbommel, Heemstede and Breda.

Mayor Annemarie Penn-te Strake of Maastricht did this because of serious signals that disturbances would also take place in Maastricht.

"We will not tolerate that. This has nothing to do with demonstrating, these are purely rioters who are out for destruction and violence."

The city has also been designated a security risk area, which means that the police can search people without immediate cause.

Mayor Henri Lenferink of Leiden has issued an emergency ordinance for the Kooipark and the surrounding area since 5 p.m.

Social media calls for riots there.

As a precaution, the police have been present in and around the park since Tuesday afternoon.

There are also signs stating that the park is prohibited.

a few seconds ago

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb also sees himself forced to take measures on Tuesday.

Part of Rotterdam has been designated as a security risk area, which allows police officers to carry out preventive searches.

Mayor Aboutaleb has decided to designate the Prins Alexander area as a #safety risk area.

For example, preventive searches can also be carried out there.

Several areas in Rotterdam are already a safety risk area.

Read more: https://t.co/68ILhuyXq8 #BlijfThuis


Avatar Author Rotterdam Moment of places 17:51 - January 26, 2021

a few seconds ago

Several hospitals in Brabant take measures

Omroep Brabant

reports that several large hospitals in the province have taken security measures because there are signs of new curfews.

For example, the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ) in Tilburg would have provided extra security for the Emergency Department.

The Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven does not comment on the measures taken.

The Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch saw itself forced to close its doors temporarily on Monday evening.

Additional security would be active on Tuesday.

Hospitals are concerned about the curfew riots, partly because the Medisch Spectrum Twente in Enschede became the target of rioters on Sunday.

Little damage was done at the time.

Outside Brabant, the Ikazia Hospital in Rotterdam has taken measures.

Visitors are advised to skip visiting hours in the evening.

The hospital says it has issued the advice "for the safety of the visitors".

a few seconds ago

Calls for riots in Belgium 

Police and justice in Belgian Limburg will also "take strict action" against people who, like in the Netherlands, organize violent protests against the corona measures, they warn.

In recent days, calls have been circulating on social media to keep things just as good in many Flemish cities as in the Netherlands.

Justice and the police take such calls very seriously and will give priority to tracking down the perpetrators, warn the Limburg public prosecutor's office and the police.

"Anyone calling for violent corona protest will be immediately prosecuted." 

The first instigator has now been identified, the prosecutor's office reports.

The suspect has been brought before the juvenile judge.

The Belgian authorities are afraid of skipping the riots that have raged in the Netherlands since a curfew was introduced there.

So far in Belgium, which has had a curfew for many months, it has been relatively quiet.

But on Monday, a Molotov cocktail was already thrown in the Limburg border town of Maasmechelen.

Plans are circulating to disrupt order in numerous places on Saturday.

a few seconds ago

Police keep an eye on Efteling after calling for riots.

Theme park Efteling will be monitored extra closely by the police tonight,

De Stentor



A call has appeared on social media this afternoon to riot in the amusement park. 

"The police, Efteling and the municipality are keeping a close eye on the pulse", the municipality said.

"At the moment we see no reason to issue emergency orders or emergency ordinances, but we will of course remain vigilant."

6 minutes ago

How Social Media Are Being Used To Stimulate Riots

Since the introduction of curfew last Saturday, several places around the country have faced looting and riots.

Rioters mobilized on social media, but how does such a thing work and why are looting broadcast live?

Read it here.

11 minutes ago

The fallen glass was replaced in Eindhoven Central station this afternoon.

The riots that broke out in the city yesterday caused enormous damage to the station, among other things.

The municipality has received signals that people will be taking to the streets again tonight.

(Photo: ANP


23 minutes ago

NH Nieuws stops live coverage of disturbances

NH News no longer wants

to provide live coverage of

the disturbances that have taken place since the introduction of the curfew.



editor Ib Haarsma Tuesday interview with 



Haarsma wonders to what extent the press is not a catalyst for the curfews.

He says that NH News is also cautious about reporting on family murders and suicides, events that can have a pull-in effect or a copycat effect.

"So why not on this theme?"

27 minutes ago

Rotterdam police arrests four people for sedition

The Rotterdam police have

arrested four people for sedition,

police reported on



People between the ages of eleven and thirty called for riots or to start fires in Barendrecht, Hoogvlieg, Schiedam and Vlaardingen.

31 minutes ago

Broadcasters at Mediapark send staff home

Several organizations at Mediapark in Hilversum have called on their employees to go home in connection with the threat of riots.

According to a spokesman for the municipality, the NOS and BNNVARA, among others, have called for this.

She emphasizes that the Mediapark will not be evacuated and will therefore not be closed for the time being.

The broadcasters themselves have decided to send staff home.

The reason is messages circulating on social media to start riots at the Mediapark.

The EO also advised colleagues present around 4.30 pm "who are often in the building until about 6 pm, to go home earlier if it is not very important to be in the office," said a spokesman.

"There is a lot going on on social media, so we just err on the side of caution."

37 minutes ago

Eindhoven announces emergency ordinance for two weeks

Police information shows that the municipality of Eindhoven may have to deal with people who want to disturb public order "in the coming period".

That is why the municipality has just issued an emergency ordinance until February 9.

Until today, the municipality has also been designated a security risk area, which means that the police may carry out preventive searches.

43 minutes ago

Haarlem issues an emergency order because of young people gathering together

The mayor of Haarlem has issued an emergency order with immediate effect for the Marsmanplein and Noordersportpark area.

Young people school together in these places, it is feared that they want to start riots.

With the emergency order, the police can order people to leave the designated areas.

People who do not listen to this will be arrested.

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