Mayor Jack Mikkers has instituted an emergency ordinance for large parts of Den Bosch on Tuesday.

The measure takes effect immediately.

He decided to do so after calls for violent riots.

Mikkers has also designated large parts of 's-Hertogenbosch as a safety risk area.

This means that anyone can be searched without cause.

According to the

Brabants Dagblad

, a child center, a secondary school and a shopping center were also cleared on Tuesday afternoon.

Police and municipality could not yet confirm this.

As a precaution, shops are boarded up in nearby Rosmalen.

Child center De Discovery called on parents to come and collect their child around noon.

"We are receiving signals that people are going to gather at the Helftheuvelpassage around 2 pm because of dissatisfaction with all the corona measures," the school reported on Twitter.

"We are very worried about the riots and looting last night. We ask you, if possible, to pick up your child as soon as possible."

The nearby shopping center De Helftheuvel and the Helicon MBO school would also have been evacuated on Tuesday afternoon.

Emergency order, emergency ordinance or security risk area: what is what?

  • Emergency order: This allows the authorities in a certain area to take stricter action against specific people (read: rioters) than what is allowed by ordinary law.

    For example, they can evacuate that place, close off streets or forbid gatherings.

    An emergency order is always entered suddenly, when it is needed.

    Once the action has been taken, the command no longer applies.

  • Emergency ordinance: The emergency ordinance goes one step further.

    It looks a bit like an emergency order, because it means again: stricter action by authorities than the ordinary law prescribes, to prevent or resolve unrest.

    One difference is that an emergency ordinance is announced in advance, if the authorities already anticipate the problems in advance.

    An emergency ordinance covers a wider area and applies to everyone, not just the rioters.

    An emergency ordinance also lasts longer than an emergency order and may still be valid once calm has returned.

  • Security risk area: Finally, there is the security risk area.

    That means: the police may carry out preventive searches at that location.

    The designation of a safety risk area also applies for a longer period of time, so not only until the moment when it is calm again.

Calls for violence against the police

According to Mikkers, the police are taking into account new riots after the looting and vandalism on Monday evening.

"We see that people actively call to gather and call for the use of violence", Mikkers writes.

"The police have signals that these people want to turn against the police, enforcers and relief workers. The signals also indicate that they want to disturb public order. As a precaution, the municipality is therefore now taking this measure," said the mayor.

Den Bosch was the scene of riots and looting on Monday evening.

Among other things, a chip shop, a branch of the Jumbo supermarket, a Primera branch and a sports shoe shop were looted by rioters.

A group of about a hundred young people was already rioting and looting through the city center of Den Bosch.

52 people have been arrested.

Fifty of them were still detained on Tuesday.

Most rioters are in their teens and twenties.

It is known that Primera will file a declaration.

According to the company, camera images are available that will be handed over to the police.


Rioters loot and demolish shops