According to Martti Uusitalo, a member of the board of the International Ski Federation FIS, it is possible that Russian ski star Aleksandr Bolshunov will receive additional penalties for his stupid stunt on Sunday.

Uusitalo does not recall seeing “ever similar violence in competitions under the FIS”.

- Meininki was really wild in the situation after the goal area, Uusitalo tells IS.

- It is still possible that Bolshunov will be sentenced to additional penalties for what happened.

Pierre Mignerey, FIS's cross-country skiing competition director, said in an interview with YLE on Sunday that rejecting Bolshunov's performance would be a sufficient punishment, but the case is not over.

- The verdict handed down on Sunday was the highest possible, which the jury of the race organizers could freshly pass.

The next step is that if the Finnish Ski Association makes a written request for clarification of the case to the FIS disciplinary body, the matter will be continued, Uusitalo says.

- In my opinion, the disciplinary body can meet very quickly when needed, it is known for its flexibility.

As a result, the matter could be addressed before next weekend's Falun World Cup.

Of course, I have no guarantee.

Markku Haapasalmi, chairman of the Finnish Ski Association, says that the association will submit a written request for clarification.

- I cannot say on what schedule the FIS disciplinary body will deal with the matter, but hopefully as soon as possible.

Bolshunov's trick was so outrageous that the matter must be clarified, Haapasalmi explains.

According to Uusitalo, if the disciplinary body ends up with more severe penalties, it will have two main options.

- In such situations, the disciplinary body may impose either a ban on competition or a fine - or possibly both, Uusitalo explains.

- The consequences of this case are really difficult to predict, as the disciplinary body usually deals with requests for clarification of the results of the competition.

Bolshunov, the leader of the World Cup, became totally hot when Finland's message anchor Joni Mäki chose his driving line in a straightforward and cunning way and forced the Russian to drift to the right, where the billboards met.

The Russian team saw Mäki change his driving line in the restricted area marked by conifers, but the jury decided otherwise.

Hill hurt his hand after Bolshunov tackled him in the finish area immediately after crossing the finish line.

On Monday, Mäki informed IS that no fractures were found in his hand and he would continue through normally.