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Welcome to this live blog about the disturbances since the start of the curfew.

Here we will keep you informed of the latest developments.

In brief:

  • Calls have been placed in at


    thirteen cities and towns

    to demonstrate against the curfew.

    Municipalities have made preparations against new riots.

  • There is a grim atmosphere in Rotterdam, Helmond and Den Bosch.

    The riot police have been deployed to restore public order, officers have been pelted.

    It is also restless in The Hague and Haarlem.

  • So far, "at least seventy" people have been arrested, according to police chief Willem Woelen.

    There is also talk of looting, especially in Rotterdam. 

in 3 days

ME deployed in Haarlem, rioters throwing stones 

In Haarlem, the ME was deployed due to unrest in the Schalkwijk district, the police said.

Images on social media show that people throw stones, set off fireworks and that fires are started.

According to local media there are hundreds of people on the move.

"We can say that it is restless," said a police spokesman.

"We are here to restore order."

Police chief Willem Woelen said Monday evening in


that the mobile unit used tear gas in Haarlem, among other places, to disperse groups and relieve police officers.

The police could not yet say whether any arrests have been made.

in 3 days

Looting and destruction in troubled Den Bosch

Many dozens of young people riot and plunder through the city center in Den Bosch.

They smash windows and destroy cars.

The police are present and intervene as much as possible.

On social media you can see how dozens of young people plunder a shop near the station.

Other shops would also have been looted.

Fireworks have been set off in various places.

in 3 days

Calm has also returned in Geleen.

The police report that it is also quiet again in Geleen.

Twelve people have been arrested, including some minors.

Several people have also been fined.

At the beginning of this evening, between 100 and 150 young people gathered in the city center of the Geleen.

Images on social media show how large groups of young people ran through the streets of the Limburg city, chased by the police.

They set off fireworks and caused destruction.

in 3 days

in 3 days

Situation in Zwolle under control again

It is now quiet again in Zwolle, the police report.

Three suspects have been arrested.

Earlier in the evening, the riot police cleared the streets.

The police remain on hand to enforce curfews.

in 3 days

In Rotterdam, the windows of a KFC have been smashed by rioters.


Photo: ANP


in 3 days

Emergency order, emergency ordinance or security risk area: what is what?


emergency order

has been issued tonight in parts of Zwolle, Groesbeek and Nijmegen


This allows the authorities in a certain area

to take

 stricter action

against specific people

(read: rioters) than what is permitted by ordinary law.

For example, they can evacuate that place, close off streets or forbid gatherings.

An emergency warrant is always entered suddenly, when it is needed, and once the action is taken, the warrant no longer applies. 


emergency ordinance

goes one step further 


This is currently the case in Roosendaal, Breda and Sittard-Geleen.

It looks a bit like an emergency order, because it again means: stricter action by authorities than the ordinary law prescribes, to prevent or resolve unrest.

One difference, however, is that an emergency ordinance is already announced in advance, if the authorities anticipate the problems in advance. 

An emergency ordinance covers a wider area and applies to


, not just the rioters.

An emergency ordinance also lasts longer than an emergency order, and may still be valid once calm has returned. 

Finally, there is still a

safety risk area

in Eindhoven, for example


That means: the police may carry out a preventive search at that location.

The designation of a safety risk area also applies for a longer period of time, so not only until the weather is calm.

in 3 days

Police chief: At least seventy arrests throughout the country

At least seventy people have already been arrested throughout the country, police chief Willem Woelers said in




According to him there was also talk of looting, especially in Rotterdam.

Water cannons have been deployed and the Mobile Unit (ME) has also used tear gas to disperse groups and relieve agents.

According to Woelers, a lot is currently being asked of the police.

"We're going to the limit."

Since the riots are in several places in the country, the riot police suffer from longer arrival times.

"From 7.30 pm you can see left and right that the genie comes out of the bottle in several cities," said the police chief.

According to him, these are groups varying from fifty to two hundred people.

in 3 days

in 3 days

'Destruction and looting in Den Bosch' 

The situation in Den Bosch is getting out of hand,

Omroep Brabant



Between 100 and 150 people are on their way to the center, according to the broadcaster.

On the way they would throw fireworks and destroy windows and cars.

The Jumbo would also be looted.

in 3 days

Situation in Amersfoort calm again, three arrests

The situation in Amersfoort is calm again, the police reported on



Three arrests have been made.

About an hour ago, a car was turned over in the city.

Stones were also thrown at the police.

in 3 days

The mayor of Zwolle has issued an emergency order for various areas in the city.

"In the meantime, a number of disorderly things have taken place that made the mayor - together with the triangle - decide to issue an emergency order," said the municipality.

Earlier today, the mayors of Medemblik, Groesbeek, Nijmegen and Harderwijk already issued an emergency order.

❗️ For tonight and tonight, mayor @phsnijders, together with the triangle, has issued an emergency order for various areas in #Zwolle.

See: https://t.co/mFmpMeI27h People who are present in these areas without a valid reason are being turned away or detained.


Avatar Author Municipality of Zwolle Moment of places 20: 19 - 25 January 2021

in 3 days

Police actions in Schilderswijk in The Hague 

Tonight it is again restless in the area around Hobbemaplein in Schilderswijk in The Hague.

The police have been turned out

en masse

and have already carried out several arrests.

Today, just like yesterday, a call was made on social media to come to the square and a large group responded.

Several people have already been arrested according to various calamity sites.

"On the Hobbemastraat the police had to intervene hard", 



The area is now closed to traffic and officers are busy sweeping the street.

in 3 days

in 3 days

A rioter in Rotterdam is thrown to the ground by the police.


Photo: ANP


in 3 days

Eight arrests during riots in Amsterdam

It is still restless in the Molukkenstraat in Amsterdam.

In the vicinity of the Molukkenstraat the police are massively present and eight people have now been arrested.

The police do not rule out multiple arrests.

in 3 days

Tear gas is used in Rotterdam.

In connection with the disturbances on the #Beijerlandselaan, tear gas is used.

Think and stay away.


AuthorPolitie Rotterdam eoMoment of places20: 15 - 25 January 2021

in 3 days

ME deployed in Zwolle, two arrests

It is currently very restless in the city center of Zwolle, the police confirm after reports from

De Stentor


The riot police are trying to clear the streets and two arrests have been made.

in 3 days

in 3 days

View the images of the rioters throwing fireworks at the police in Rotterdam here.

Rioters in Rotterdam throw fireworks at police

in 3 days

Police takes action in Amersfoort, after car is turned

over Amersfoort is also uneasy, police report on



For example, a car has been turned on its side.

The police are trying to calm the situation.

in 3 days

An emergency order has also been issued in Rotterdam, by Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb.

People who are in the Groene Hilledijk and Beijerlandselaan area must leave the region.

The emergency order is in effect until 4:30 a.m. Tuesday.

According to the municipality, several arrests have been made.

On the #Beijerlandselaan in #RotterdamZuid, young people seek confrontation with the police.

The riot police are handing out charges and arrests have been made.

An emergency order is in effect: https://t.co/XA32kGK9vT Urgent appeal to everyone to leave this place.

#Stay at home


Avatar Author Rotterdam Moment of places 19: 24 - 25 January 2021

in 3 days

'Police carry out charges in Amsterdam'

On the Molukkenstraat in the Indische Buurt in Amsterdam East, many young people are out there who are out for riots.

They throw fireworks, among other things, says a spokesman for the police.

According to

Het Parool

 , the police are carrying out charges.

in 3 days

in 3 days

ME deployed in Helmond, police pelted

In Helmond


officers were said to have been pelted with stones,

Omroep Brabant


The mobile unit (ME) has been deployed to restore public order.

Attendees would also set off fireworks and destroyed a bus shelter.

in 3 days

Young people seek confrontation with the police on Beijerlandselaan in Rotterdam.


Photo: ANP


in 3 days

The Limburg police calls on residents to avoid troubled places, so that public order can be restored.

Avoid the places in #Geleen where it is currently restless.

Give the emergency services the space to restore public order


Avatar AuthorPolitie Eenheid LimburgMoment of places19: 25 - 25 January 2021

in 3 days

Den Bosch and Eindhoven designated as safety risk areas

Both parts of Den Bosch and Eindhoven have been designated as safety risk areas due to calls for violence.

The measure gives the police the opportunity to carry out preventive searches of people in the designated areas.

in 3 days

Police: 'Hundreds of people already on their feet

in Rotterdam

, water cannon ready'

In South Rotterdam, a large group of young people sought confrontation with the police on Monday evening.

The group is located on Beijerlandselaan and pelts the police present with stones and fireworks.

Where the police first spoke of a group of about fifty people, according to a spokesman hundreds of people are now on the move.

The mobile unit (ME) is present and has carried out charges to clear the street.

According to the police, some arrests have also been made and a water cannon has been used.

The disturbances started around 7 pm.

The young people caused vandalism and started fires, the police reported.

Among other things, bus shelters have been killed.

Carrier RET diverts buses and trams around Beijerlandselaan on the order of the police.

in 3 days

Regional media: Atmosphere in Zwolle changes

The atmosphere in Zwolle would also become increasingly grim,

De Stentor


A few hundred men would have gathered on the Grote Markt.

It would be mostly young people dressed in black.

Several people are said to have thrown fireworks.

in 3 days

Arrests on suspicion of inciting violence

The police in Noord-Holland arrested five people for inciting violence.

They are suspected of having placed calls to riot in Alkmaar, Purmerend and Hoorn, among others.

The police are not ruling out more arrests.

Residents are urged not to take to the streets, but to stay at home.

in 3 days

Police: "We are prepared for everything, including German hooligans."

German hooligans are on their way to the Netherlands to riot, writes the German 


based on police sources.

The East Netherlands police can neither confirm nor deny this in conversation with NU.nl.

"There is a lot of writing in the media and on social media. We review all that information and prepare for it," said the spokesperson.

The force cannot say what signals it has received and how it is preparing.

in 3 days

'Also emergency order in Groesbeek' An emergency order has

also been issued in the center of Groesbeek (near Nijmegen),

De Gelderlander



"We have been in full alert since 3.30 pm this afternoon, after calls to riot in Groesbeek appeared on social media such as Telegram, chat groups and Snapchat," said Mayor Mark Slinkman.

"We have no idea why Groesbeek was chosen: we do know that it is people from elsewhere who come here. At the moment (Monday 6.45 pm, ed.) The question is whether anything will really happen."

In addition to Groesbeek, the emergency order also applies in the nearby church village of De Horst.

The rioters would like to gather there.

in 3 days

Riots broke out in the center of Geleen, one arrest

The police intervened in Geleen on Monday evening when large groups of young people gathered to riot.

According to a spokesman for the police, agents are trying to disperse the young people.

Around 8 p.m. the police had arrested one person.

According to the spokesman, between 100 and 150 young people have gathered in the city center.

Images on social media show how large groups of young people run through the streets of the Limburg city, chased on their heels by the police.

The agents intervene hard.

The rioters gathered around 6 p.m. and set off fireworks, among other things.

There would also have been vandalism.

Mayor Hans Verheijen has issued an emergency ordinance for Sittard-Geleen.

This makes it easier for the police to intervene in the event of irregularities.

The measure applies until February 1, 2021.

in 3 days

Nine people arrested after riots in Helmond yesterday evening

After the

riots in Helmond last 

night, nine people were arrested, says Mayor Elly Blanksma of the Brabant municipality.

"Other rioters may be traced through camera images," said the mayor.

"These acts of violence have nothing to do with the right to demonstrate for me."

in 3 days



pelted with fireworks in Rotterdam, several arrests

In South Rotterdam, the police are pelted with stones and fireworks by about fifty young people.

The ME carries out batches to restore order. 

"The young people try to challenge the police," said a spokesperson in conversation with 

AD Rotterdam


"We see the stones flying through the air."

The police report on


that "a few" young people have been arrested.

in 3 days

Harderwijk also issues emergency warrant An emergency warrant is

also in force in Harderwijk tonight and tonight.

Mayor Harm-Jan van Schaik has announced the measure for the Stadsdennen shopping center and the immediate vicinity.

People who do not have to be in this neighborhood are sent away.

Van Schaik: "Today, signals have been received calling for riots around the Stadsdennen shopping center. To prevent this situation from occurring, I have designated the area around the Stadsdennen shopping center as a safety risk area after consultation with the police and the Public Prosecution Service. Preventive searches can be carried out, for example, for possession of weapons. An emergency order has also been issued to be able to deal directly and adequately with persons who come alone to riot.

in 3 days

Several shopkeepers have boarded up their business today for fear of riots, such as here in Nijmegen.


Photo: ANP


in 3 days

The mayor of Deventer, Ron König, calls on residents of his city to stay at home.

Deventer is one of the places where people want to protest in the city center tonight.

My urgent appeal is not to go downtown tonight.

Protesting against the Corona rules is no excuse to make a mess.

Deventer is not waiting for that!


Avatar Author Ron König Moment of Places 17: 26-25 January 2021

in 3 days

Police as a precaution on 18 Septemberplein in Eindhoven

The police are present with many officers on 18 Septemberplein in Eindhoven.

Yesterday the square was the scene of violent riots.

Today there would again have been


via social media

to go looting around the square.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is present at the police station to provide assistance if necessary.

in 3 days

Minister Grapperhaus: Police can handle the situation of rioters for


time being

The police can


the demonstrations and riots in the Netherlands for the time being.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has helped and will continue to do so.

"There has been no question that the army has had to provide assistance in the country," said Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Security and Justice) on Monday after the Security Council.

Last weekend the situation got out of hand in several places in the country.

According to Grapperhaus, a small group of people shows "criminal behavior".

"That small group went sick and sabotaged. What we saw in Amsterdam on the Museumplein has nothing to do with demonstrating. Attacking, vandalizing and looting the police is very far from demonstrating."

The mayors of the Security Council agreed on Monday that from now on, demonstrating is only allowed with a maximum number of people, in daylight and if there is sufficient space.

With this, mayors say they want to "give space to real protesters".

in 3 days

Bruls: 'We must protect residents who adhere to corona rules'

The mayor of Nijmegen, Hubert Bruls, gave a brief response to the emergency order in force in his city prior to the Utrecht Security Council.

According to Bruls, the municipality has reports in which people say that they are "going to plunder" and that they want to travel to the center of Nijmegen.

"In order to prevent that, no people, except those who live in the center, are allowed to come to the city tonight or tomorrow morning."

Additional police are present in Nijmegen to enforce the emergency order.

"The signals we received are serious", says Bruls.

"Our task is to protect the vast majority of Nijmegen residents who adhere to the corona rules and restrictions."

in 3 days

Emergency ordinances in Roosendaal, Breda and Sittard-Geleen In

both Roosendaal and Breda, the mayors have issued an emergency ordinance because of signs that people are planning to riot.

The measure does not allow anyone to stay in the designated areas in the cities without a reasonable purpose.

In Roosendaal, the emergency ordinance applies throughout the city center, and in Breda for the districts of Centrum, Hoge Vucht, Doornbos-Linie, Tuinzigt and Haagpoort.

The municipality of Sittard-Geleen has now issued an emergency ordinance until February 1.

The municipality has been designated a security risk area, which means that officers may perform preventive searches, reports 


That measure will be in effect until 4:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

There would be "growing concrete evidence" of serious disorder.

in 3 days

Medemblik also issues an emergency order due to possible disturbances

. Just like


Medemblik has issued

an emergency order.

The municipality has learned through various channels that a group of residents is planning to demonstrate against the curfew. 

"Of course we understand everyone's opinion and we think it is important that every voice is heard", Mayor Frank Streng said in a



"But the signs that violence is being called for are unacceptable. We want to prevent horrible scenes such as those in Urk, Eindhoven and Amsterdam."

in 3 days

Three people arrested in Rotterdam

Several groups of young people have gathered around Rotterdam Central Station.

Three people have been arrested in the center of the city.

A lot of police are now on the move in Rotterdam.

A few groups of young people walk around without a clear goal.

The police ask the young people on the street to show their identification.

A few are searched.

Earlier in the day people were called up in various reports to meet in the city center at the end of the afternoon and in the evening in South Rotterdam.

A spokesman for the police says that it is "mostly quiet" in the city for the time being.

in 3 days

The police in Utrecht also receive tips about possible riots.

We get a lot of tips via social about possible irregularities related to the curfew.

Would you like to share this kind of info with us via the notification form at https://t.co/umk4mcvaVt?

Then your information ends up in the right place.

Thank you!



Avatar AuthorPolitie UtrechtMoment of places17: 10 - 25 January 2021

in 3 days

Mayors react shocked to the disturbances on Sunday evening prior to the Security Council in Utrecht this afternoon.

According to the mayors of the big cities, this has nothing to do with protest anymore.

The members of the Security Council say they are prepared for new riots.

Mayors shocked by riots: 'this is no more protesting'

in 3 days

So far 21 arrests after riots in the center of Enschede

21 people have been arrested so far because they may have been involved in riots in the center of Enschede last night.

Among other things, the Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) hospital was attacked there.

Two people are still trapped.

A 26-year-old man from Enschede is suspected of sedition and open violence.

A 46-year-old local is also said to have been guilty of insult.

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