Jesse Puljujärvi of Edmonton Oilers answered questions from North American journalists in his clearly improved English after a winning Winnipeg match.

Oilers posted a video on his account on Twitter with a Finnish voice after the match.

Puljujärvi, 22, estimates that his improved language skills will help him adapt better to the team.

- Of course it helps.

My English is much better than three, four years ago, the player commented on the video.

He played against Winnipeg in the Oilers ’No. 1 chain with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Connor McDavid.

The Finn received a lot of praise for the comment field of the video posted on Twitter.

Although Puljujärvi threw a lot of species phrases into his answers, as in the local way, his immediate nature made an impression.

- I love Jesse's attitude.

Great that he is happy and doing well.

He cannot be seen without a smile, one wrote.

- Good job, Jesse.

Your English has evolved a lot, another commented.

- This is awesome.

He has evolved tremendously in everything.

Great to get you back, one wrote.

- Remember: no North American player in the Finnish Championship League answers questions in Finnish, one reminded.

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The comments also deplored one question put to Puljujärvi.

One reporter asked the Finn if it is difficult to play with Connor McDavid because this is so good.

Puljujärvi asked the reporter to repeat his question and finally answered:

- I try to support him and be ready all the time.

In the comment field, the question was considered stupid.

- I'm sorry, that Jesse has to respond to questions regarding these heinous.

"Are you staring at Connor or are you playing your own game?"

Is a professional hockey player really asked that?

A complete joke, one wrote.

Some commentators considered the player’s focus on language skills irrelevant.

- A few really pathetic questions for our young Finn.

Talk about hockey, not the language barrier, one wrote.

- Questions about his English must be stopped.

That thing is getting old, one expressed.

Puljujärvi's first attempt to conquer the 2016 NHL was unsuccessful.

He had difficulty adapting to the league’s style of play, in addition to which his limited language skills made it difficult to adjust to life outside the pitch.

He picked up momentum from the Flies last season and returned to Edmonton for that season.

A new beginning has started promisingly.