The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom takes clear irregularities related to applying for a car scrapping premium to the police for investigation.

Traficom says the agency has received several applications bundling several scrap cars to buy a new car.

- Dozens of applications involving a total of hundreds of cars have revealed indications of irregularities, the bulletin reports.

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency considers that the provisions allow only one scrapping premium per passenger car, electric bicycle or public transport service to be procured.

The scrapping premium offered in December is € 2,000 and can be used to buy a new low-emission car.

The government clarified the law earlier this month

Earlier in January, the government clarified the law on the scrapping fee.

The amendment prohibited the use of multiple scrapping premiums to purchase one car.

With the change, the government wants to ensure that the EUR 8 million set aside for scrapping premiums is sufficient to purchase as many new low-emission cars as possible.

The amendment also ensures that an individual cannot benefit unreasonably from combining multiple rewards.

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The primary purpose of the law is to reduce traffic emissions and modernize Finland's vehicle fleet, as well as to revive the economy in terms of car sales during the interest rate pandemic.