About thirty people who caused havoc in Eindhoven during riots on Sunday, are still in detention, the police reported Monday afternoon.

A total of 62 arrests were made.

The youngest suspect is fourteen years old.

Police said it was "an unprecedented amount of violence" in the city on Sunday.

More arrests are not ruled out.

Police officers try to track down as many rioters as possible through camera images.

"Then they can answer for their actions in court."

As expected, several suspects come from Eindhoven and surrounding villages.

But the police report that several suspects have come from other parts of the country.

Mostly teenagers and people in their twenties were arrested.

Most of them are suspected of open violence and failure to obey police orders.

The police ask witnesses for images.

"We are fully committed to this investigation."


Destruction and fires: this is how Eindhoven looks after the riots

Rutte: 'This has nothing to do with fighting for freedom'

Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte condemned last weekend's violence on Monday morning.

Rutte spoke of "criminal violence" that has nothing to do with fighting for freedom.

"You really wonder, what is these people thinking? The only battle we have to fight is to beat the virus."

Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) says on Monday that he will recover the damage from the hooligans.

"I see boys aged 20 and 21 who are at the start of their working life, but they receive a claim for damages for the fact that they found it necessary to loot a supermarket," says the minister.

"That means that without being insured, you suddenly have to compensate 10,000 euros in damage."

Repairing the damage to Eindhoven Central station will take weeks or even months.

Rioters have caused tons of damage on Sunday, a spokesperson for ProRail said on Monday.

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