After the finish line of the Joni Mäki men's World Cup message competition on Sunday, the stubborn Aleksandr Bolshunov has humbled himself to apologize.

The 24-year-old ski star and the chairman of the Russian Ski Association, Jelena Välbe, apologize for Bolshunov's use in a press release from the Russian Ski Association, which is also published on Fis's website.

- Hostility is not part of the spirit of the Russian team.

We strongly appreciate the spirit of fair play in all aspects.

Alexander Bolshunov hereby apologizes to Joni Mäki.

The Russian Ski Association has also sent an official letter to the Finnish Ski Association.

- We sincerely hope that the dedication and hard work of every athlete, as well as their performance and the beauty of cross-country skiing, will return to the center and delight fans all over the world.

Bolshunov's voice changed in just over a day.

Raiko Pousi, the director of the Lahti ski competition, a member of the jury, met Bolshunov on Sunday when he arrived to hear his rejection verdict.

According to Pous, Bolshunov did not appear in front of the judiciary in any way with a hat in his hand or his ears slack.

- I would say that no remorse was noticeable, more so the essence was perhaps somewhat defiant.

Emotions were still on the surface, Pousi noted on Sunday.

Freshly on Sunday, Välbe, who commented on the events to the news agency Ria Novost, strongly believed that Mäki was the main culprit in the situation, as he wedged in front of Bolshunov.

- The Finn's behavior was like a pig, Välbe growled.