Olympic cross-country winner Aleksandr Legkov was amazed at the behavior of his compatriot Aleksandr Bolshunov when Bolshunov struck with his poles and finally tackled Joni Mäki, the anchor of the Finnish World Cup news team.

- Today's case is unusual.

All in all.

I don't know how the jury made its decision, but Finland should also have been rejected, Legkov said according to the news agency Tassi.

The jury did not judge that Mäki was wedged in the bend, after which the final straight opened.

Bolshunov’s behavior eventually led to the rejection of Russia’s No. 1 team in a race held in Lahti on Sunday.

After Norway and Finland, Russia's second team came in third.

- And then there were the feelings of "Sasha."

The World Cup leader could not restrain himself.

We Russians are like that, Legkov said.

According to the rules, the above can be chosen until the final straight line of the ski line.

After that, the line must not be changed.

Markus Cramer, the German coach of the Russian national team, interpreted the rule as valid when the situation became cramped, even though it happened just before the start of the farrowing.

- It has been said before that the skier above has to keep the line.

Now it is suddenly said that the above is allowed to choose the line, Cramer stalk in front of a group of journalists.

- I wonder how this can be explained in two ways.

I do not think this solution (Russia's rejection) is right.

Cramer accepted Bolshunov's outrage, but did not accept his use.

- I understand that Aleksandr is angry.

But he’s a skier, and skiing isn’t allowed to work around, Cramer said.

- This is not a good thing.

I am sorry about that, but the situation began to develop earlier.

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Finland's head coach Teemu Pasanen had never seen anything like it before.

- Pretty outrageous and unsportsmanlike activities.

I don't understand that.

I was pretty sure Joni took the right line, and I checked the matter many more times about the slowdowns.

He went to the right lane early enough, Pasanen opened.

- The most important thing is to find out that it didn't get worse and the man is in ski condition, the head coach opened his hand to injure the space of his protector.


World Cup, messages:

Ladies & # 39; 4x5 km (2p + 2y): 1) Norway 49,34.4 (Tiril Udnes Weng, Therese Johaug, Helene Marie Fossesholm, Heidi Weng), 2) Sweden 42.9 seconds behind (Charlotte Kalla, Emma Ribom, Lovisa Modig, Ebba Andersson), 3) Finland –59.5 (Johanna Matintalo, Kerttu Niskanen, Laura Mononen, Krista Pärmäkoski), 4) Russia –1.30.7 (Jana Kirpitshenko, Natalia Nepryaeva, Anna Netshajevskaya, Marija Istomina), 5) USA –1.48.6 (Rosie Brennan, Jessie Diggins, Sophia Laukli, Caitlin Patterson), 6) Germany –2.16.3 (Laura Gimmler, Katharina Hennig, Victoria Carl, Pia Fink), 7) Finland II –2.48.5 (Vilma Nissinen, Anne Kyllönen, Jasmi Joensuu, Riitta-Liisa Roponen), 8) Russia II –2.48.5, 9) Canada –4.18.2, 10) Estonia –7.26.4.

Ukraine was overtaken in the round.

Best leg times:

1st section (p): 1) Matintalo 11.29.7, 2) Kalla –0.5, 3) TU Weng –1.6, ... 8) Nissinen –30.1.

2nd section (p): 1) Johaug 11.19.4, 2) Niskanen –8.5, 3) Diggins –24.0, ... 7) Kyllönen –51.7.

3rd section (v): 1) Fossesholm 13.12.8, 2) Carl –26.2, 3) Modig –34.3, ... 7) Mononen –44.9, 8) Joensuu –45.4.

4th section (v): 1) Andersson 13.13.8, 2) H. Weng –17.1, 3) Pärmäkoski –24.8, ... 7) Roponen –1.00.0.

Men, 4x7.5 km (2p + 2y): 1) Norway (Pål Golberg, Emil Iversen, Sjur Röthe, Simen Hegstad Krüger), 2) Finland –40.9 (Perttu Hyvärinen, Ristomatti Hakola, Iivo Niskanen, Joni Mäki), 3) Russia II –1.07.2 (Ilya Semikov, Ivan Yakimushin, Andrei Melnitshenko, Sergei Ustyugov), 4) Germany –1.39.4 (Jonas Dobler, Janosch Brugger, Florian Notz, Friedrich Moch), 5 ) Switzerland –2.47.9 (Jonas Baumann, Dario Cologna, Jason Rüesch, Beda Klee), 6) Sweden –2.53.0 (Björn Sandström, Fredrik Andersson, Jens Burman, Jonas Eriksson), 7) USA –4.04.3, 8 ) Finland II –5.30.5 (Markus Vuorela, Juho Mikkonen, Remi Lindholm, Petteri Koivisto).

Canada and Estonia were caught in the round.

Russia I (Alexei Tshervotkin, Yevgeny Belov, Denis Spitsov, Alexander Bolshunov) was rejected.

Best leg times:

1st section (p): 1) Golberg 15.36.2, 2) Semikov –0.8, 3) Hyvärinen –16.5, ... 7) Vuorela –44.1.

2nd part (p): 1) Jakimushin 15.53.0, 2) Iversen –1.3, 3) Hakola –10.6, ... 7) Mikkonen –45.3.

3rd section (v): 1) Röthe 17.54.0, 2) Niskanen –12.5, 3) Notz –29.6, ... 9) Lindholm –1.38.3.

4th section (v): 1) Krüger 18.32.3, 2) Mäki –2.6, 3) Utsjugov –27.3.

Country Cup: 1) Russia 6,129 points, 2) USA 2,951, 3) Sweden 2,682, 4) Norway 2,455, 5) Switzerland 1,852, 6) France 1,850, 7) Finland 1,718, 8) Germany 1 694.

The following competitions: 29-31.

1. Falun, Sweden: women's 10 km (v), men's 15 km (v), men's 15 km (p, joint start), women's 10 km (p, joint start), men's and women's sprint (p).