A banned demonstration against the corona measures in the center of Eindhoven got out of hand on Sunday afternoon.

Rioters kept their house in and around Eindhoven Central Station.

In the station hall they looted, among other things, a branch of the supermarket chain Jumbo.

The police made dozens of arrests, including using tear gas to drive out the troublemakers.

Despite charges from the Mobile Unit (ME) of the police, peace had still not returned in Eindhoven at the beginning of the evening.

Left and right, small tufts of rioters still misbehave, according to the police, which according to their own words "remains alert and intervenes where necessary".

Officers have already made at least thirty arrests, but the police think there is a good chance that this number will increase.

"Wheel turners who are not arrested now, we will track down later. There is plenty of footage available, which we will use to the maximum in tracing the rioters," the police tweeted at the end of the afternoon.

Several hours before that, despite a demonstration ban, hundreds of people had gathered on the 18 Septemberplein in the center of Eindhoven to demonstrate against the corona measures.

Supporters of the anti-Islam movement Pegida, among others, had also come to the demonstration.

The municipality of Eindhoven and the police asked those present several times to leave the square.

When this did not happen after repeated calls, the triangle (police, mayor and judiciary) decided to issue an emergency order and 'wipe clean' the square.

Earlier in the afternoon, the municipality and police already called to stay on the way from Eindhoven and not to come to Eindhoven Central.


Destruction and fires: this is how Eindhoven looks after the riots

Rioters pelt cops with stones

Things got grim when rioters started pelting cops with stones.

They also threw golf balls and fireworks at the police.

With the help of tear gas and a water cannon, the riot police succeeded in expelling the protesters.

The riots moved to Central Station in the afternoon.

Wheel turners started fires and destroyed bicycles and objects in public space.

A car belonging to rail operator ProRail was also knocked over and set on fire.

In the station hall of Eindhoven Central, windows of a Jumbo supermarket were smashed and shelves cleared.

Glass, debris and supermarket items were all over the floor.

A lot of destruction has also been caused in the bicycle shed at the station

Train and bus traffic had already stopped at that time.

The Dutch Railways expects that train traffic to and from Eindhoven will be flat until 7.30 pm.

The ME intervenes at 18 Septemberplein in Eindhoven.

The ME intervenes at 18 Septemberplein in Eindhoven.

Photo: ANP