The NHL hockey league's Saturday player trade, where Patrik Laine switched from Winnipeg to Columbus and Pierre-Luc Dubois from Columbus to Winnipeg, caused a great stir in Winnipeg, which loved its Finnish goalie.

Many Jets fans wondered how the young “sniper” was abandoned at about “cheap”.

Among NHL club leaders, however, the transfer was judged to be fairly even, perhaps a little even to Winnipeg’s advantage.

This emerges from a story by Pierre LeBrun, editor of The Athletic site, in which ten NHL club GMs anonymously shared their thoughts on the deal.

- Great deal on Winnipeg.

22-year-old No. 1 center strikers (Dubois) just don’t get that just.

I know Laine is a sexier name and she scores 40 goals a season, but with us, Dubois is highly valued.

The extent of Winnipeg’s center division is now very impressive, one GM declared.

- I think a great transfer from Winnipeg.

Gave two good players (Laine and Jack Roslovic), but neither of them would have been in the club anymore after this season.

Columbus got very good value, but a lot depends on whether Roslovic reaches his potential and how Laine adapts to Columbus and (coach) John Tortorella, another GM said.

- It seems good for both clubs, but more for Winnipeg.

Columbus needs a skill and this brings it.

Dubois and (Mark) Scheifele are very good together.

And I think this jesus in Winnipeg’s locker room atmosphere, in turn, was part of the third GM’s assessment.

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Overall, however, the opinion of the GM team largely pardoned Columbus and its GM, Jarmo Kekäläinen, who was seen to have performed very commendably in an awkward situation.

- A rare example of a player trade that may benefit both parties equally.

Jarmo deserves recognition, he accomplished this while the situation between Dubois and this coach was escalating quite publicly.

It’s not an easy accomplishment, one GM said.

- How this deal is ultimately assessed depends largely on how Laine deals with the agreement.

I think if anyone can smoke Wave, then Jarmo.

He knows the player better than many.

Calculated risk for him, I think.

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