Yesterday, Ilta-Sanomat told about cunning love scams on the Internet, which are becoming more common all the time.

Taina also fell victim to the scam.

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Taina was a forty-year-old middle-income mother who had just divorced.

In that life situation, it felt good when Michael, in his thirties, was contacted by a Nigerian Michael in his thirties.

- He was very captivating.

It felt good to get a message in the middle of the work day, Taina says.

It is now ten years since that.

Already at the second meeting in Turkey, the couple got engaged.

Shortly afterwards, the man asked for money for the first time.

Taina sent a couple of 500-1000 euros to Nigeria for visa fees and a computer.

Next, Michael encouraged Taina to set up a construction company in Finland with money from Nigeria.

The man sent a British man and a Nigerian woman to Finland, with whom Taina went to discuss things.

-Life is always worth living.

It only helps to believe in the future and take lessons, Taina says.

It cost 3,000 euros to start a company.

More money had to be sent to Nigeria, where a bank account was also opened for the company.

Taina was told that the funds in Nigeria would later be transferred to Finland.

In 2015, the couple married in Nigeria, and Michael moved to Finland.

Within a few years, Taina was heavily indebted.

He had taken quick tips to cope with lower costs and more loans for the company.

In early 2016, it became clear that the Nigerian woman who investigated business matters in Finland was Michael's wife.

The British man responsible for transferring the money lost.

Taina filed for divorce from Michael in Finland.

He was allowed to keep his small detached house, but the foreclosure is 130,000 euros.

The Finnish police could not do anything about it, as all the crimes had been committed in Nigeria.

Ilta-Sanomat has seen documents related to the case.

At the worst moment, Taina considered ending her life.

- I couldn't do it to my loved ones.

But you can’t describe in words how awful it is to be in foreclosure when never before had I paid a single bill late.

Taina now wants to tell her own story because it could be used to warn people not to send money abroad or engage in business with strangers.

Taina wants to encourage her fateful fate.

- Life is always worth living.

It only helps to believe in the future and learn lessons.

The names of Taina and Michael have been changed.

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Remember these

On the internet, people may not be what they say they are.

Be particularly critical of unsolicited and unexpected contact requests from strangers.

If you’re chatting online with a new person and the conversation starts to get suspicious, stop it right away.

May be rude.

Never send money to an online acquaintance or a person you don’t know well at all.

Think about what you write about online public services about yourself.

Be aware that it can be used against you.

Never give any passwords, bank IDs or the like to anyone.

Also, do not allow another person to access your machine remotely.

Do not install programs recommended to you by an unknown person.

The online test of the love scam can be done on the Crime Victim Support website