In the Lahti World Cup, the Finnish team took second place in the men's message, thanks to Joni Mäki's excellent performance on the anchor section.

In the final tension battle, Mäki beat Russian superstar Alexander Bolshunov, who lost quite a bit of a charge brain attack.

Bolshunov hit the Hill with his stick and after the finish he deliberately skied in this direction.

Bolshunov, who came to the situation with a lot of momentum, shoved Mäki on his shoulder like a hockey player.

The first star of the Finnish team, Iivo Niskanen, joked with the incident on Instagram after the race.

Niskanen published a picture of the podium and wrote the topic tags he borrowed from puck slang in connection with it:

- Delicious!

#tikitalk # at the top #avoladunbombi #hanskatlatuun, Niskanen wrote.

Many of Niskanen's Russian somese followers did not appreciate the humor of the Finnish star, but struck back in the comment field.

- Was this a fair game?

Don’t get hurt, but you lost the majority of your Russian fans.

Your team broke the rule that you have to ski straight in the final, right?

Alexei Medvedev wrote.

- Dear Iivo, of course you do not read this comment, but I say nonetheless that your teammate is a pig and you did not win completely fairly.

Nevertheless, I have great respect for you as an athlete, Maria Majorova wrote.

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Olga Toporova, on the other hand, showed thumbs down to the Finns.

- Real men do not work around, only the weak and cowards, Toporova wrote.

Men's message results

4x7.5 km (2d + 2y): 1) Norway (Pål Golberg, Emil Iversen, Sjur Röthe, Simen Hegstad Krüger), 2) Finland –40.9 (Perttu Hyvärinen, Ristomatti Hakola, Iivo Niskanen, Joni Mäki), 3) Russia II –1.07.2 (Ilya Semikov, Ivan Yakimushin, Andrei Melnitshenko, Sergei Ustyugov), 4) Germany –1.39.4 (Jonas Dobler, Janosch Brugger, Florian Notz, Friedrich Moch), 5) Switzerland –2.47.9 (Jonas Baumann, Dario Cologna, Jason Rüesch, Beda Klee), 6) Sweden –2.53.0 (Björn Sandström, Fredrik Andersson, Jens Burman, Jonas Eriksson), 7) USA –4.04.3, 8) Finland II –5.30.5 (Markus Vuorela, Juho Mikkonen, Remi Lindholm, Petteri Koivisto).

Canada and Estonia were caught in the round.

Russia I (Alexei Tshervotkin, Yevgeny Belov, Denis Spitsov, Alexander Bolshunov) was rejected.