On Sunday afternoon, the police put an end to a demonstration against the corona measures on the Museumplein in Amsterdam.

That was evacuated, but it remained restless for a long time around the square.

190 people were arrested by the police.

The police began sweeping the Museumplein around 3 p.m. using a water cannon, when the hundreds of protesters in the square did not leave after an emergency order was issued.

This means that everyone has to leave the square and the immediate vicinity.

Most of the protesters stopped, and some threw heavy fireworks at the police.

Police dispersed the crowd with batons, horses, dogs and two water cannons.

The police had swept the square clean around 3.30 pm, but the surrounding streets were still restless.

A group of protesters gathered in front of the Concertgebouw, where a water cannon was again deployed.

In the side streets around the Museumplein, the police were pelted with paving stones and fireworks.

The activists were then slowly driven away towards the Van Baerlestraat.

The situation was under control again around 6 p.m., according to the municipality.

According to authorities, most of the more than 100 arrests were made at the end of the afternoon.

An exact number is not yet known.


ME is sweeping squares in Amsterdam and Eindhoven

'Drinking coffee' against corona measures

In the past week, reports were circulated on social media that people were planning to "drink coffee" in Eindhoven and Amsterdam.

Indeed, many people had a cup of coffee with them on Museumplein.

According to authorities, around 1,500 people were eventually present.

The Amsterdam triangle (municipality, police and Public Prosecution Service) declared Museumplein a safety risk area from 11 am.

An emergency order was issued around 3 p.m., because the group coming to the square was growing and the risks increased.

Last week, two thousand people came to the Museumplein to demonstrate after a protest by the Netherlands in Resistance in the square was canceled and banned.

That is why the police acted then, and that also led to serious disturbances.

At that time 143 arrests were made.