Freestyle Irish superstar Conor McGregor suffered a rude defeat at a UFC event in the UAE on Sunday morning.

American Dustin Poirier knocked out McGregor in the second installment of the lightweight fight.

After the match, McGregor’s old enemy Habib Nurmagomedov commented on the fight on Twitter.

His analysis did not flatter McGregor.

“This is what happens when you change your backing forces to new ones and reject those training opponents who made you a champion and sparred against small children detached from reality,” Nurmagomedov wrote.

Known by the nickname Dagestan Eagle, Nurmagomedov beat McGregor in a fiery match in October 2018.

The struggle was preceded by a long feud between the contestants and their camps, which flared up even after the victory taken by Nurmagomedov by strangulation.

Nurmagomedov jumped from the cage into the stands to fight McGregor's backing forces.

At a press conference after the Poirier match, McGregor was asked about Nurmagomedov’s tweet.

- I've had the same backgrounds all the time.

I haven't changed them.

Comments are what they are.

Athletes should be respected.

His [Nurmagomedov] genuine character was revealed behind a mask.

What does she want?

Does he want to go back to the cage or not?

He wasn’t there kicking the bottom kicks, McGregor said.

A little later, McGregor posed a direct challenge to his old enemy.

- If he wants to continue his disrespectful speech, then he should return to the cage.

Let's take a rematch, my thunder!

I'm ready for it.

The reigning world champion of the lightweight series, Nurmagomedov, last defended his title in October 2020. He defeated Justin Gaethje at the time and announced after the match that he would end his career at his mother’s request.

Nurmagomedov has played 29 times as a freelance professional and has won everyone in his struggles.

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UFC promotion beakman Dana White doesn’t believe Nurmagomedov’s return.

He said he had discussed this with McGregor and Poirier after the fight and Nurmagomedov had seen no reason to return.

- He said to me, be honest with yourself Dana, I have many times these guys better [Poirier and McGregor] and I'm already smitten them, White said.

- So this didn't sound like he was coming back.