Images and memes about Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at President Joe Biden’s inauguration continue to evoke hilarity on social media.

The casual jacket and dressed sanders were filmed squatting in a designated spot in the audience.

In addition, the senator wore a mystical brown envelope.

Bernie Sanders' outfit has aroused astonishment and hilarity in the some.

At Seth Meyers ’talk show, Sanders answered questions about her dress.

Sanders said he couldn’t think the picture he had taken would become a viral hit and a meme.

- I sat there, just trying to stay warm, trying to pay attention to what was happening.

The senator said he was amused to see the memes.

Sanders said he had received the mittens from the teacher.

- He is a very, very nice person and he has been a bit stunned by the attention he has received.

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Sanders got mittens from his supporter.Photo: JONATHAN ERNST / Reuters

However, Sanders did not disclose what was in the envelope.

- I'd like to tell you, Seth.

But it's top secret.

The senator commented on his living in an interview with CBS’s This Morning program.

- In Vermont, we dress warmly.

We know one thing and another about the cold and we don’t care so much about good fashion.

We want to stay warm, Sanders said and laughed.

Pictures of Sanders have brought a lot of publicity to Jen Ellis, who made the mittens.

Ellis teaches a second class at Essex Junction, outside Burlongton.

Sanders served as mayor of Burlington in the 1980s.

Ellis gave the mittens to Sanders five years ago, but has never met a senator, the woman told Jewish Insider.

Sanders, however, has been described several times with mittens in his hands.

Now, hundreds of others would like similar mittens, but Ellis isn’t going to take advantage of the publicity brought by the pictures taken of Sanders.

- I am honored that they want, but (e-commerce) Etsy is a lot of people who sell them, and I hope people get it through the business Ellis said.

- I'm not quitting my day job.

I am a second grade teacher and I am a mother and it all keeps me busy.

- There is no way I could make 6,000 pairs of pads and every time I open my Email, several hundred people have sent messages.