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Emergency warrant in Amsterdam, thirty arrests in Eindhoven

The Amsterdam police have issued an emergency


for a prohibited demonstration on Museumplein.

About 250 people came to the lawn on Sunday, although demonstrations were not allowed.

People are called to go home.

A number of people have been preventively searched by the police, which is authorized to do so because the Museumplein has been designated as a safety risk area.

The police also intervened in an illegal demonstration in Eindhoven on Sunday.

The 18 September Square was swept there with the help of a water pitcher, after the people did not respond to the call to leave.

The police are calling on people to stay away from the city center because of the unrest.

About thirty people have been arrested and skirmishes have taken place.

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Status quo in Eindhoven

Not the band, but the current situation in Eindhoven now.

With the rioters on the one hand and the rioters on the other, there is a status quo at the moment.

There are a lot of police sirens and fireworks every now and then.

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Sometimes things get tough https://t.co/yHYcCtYvD2


Avatar AuthorAT5Moment of places14: 53 - January 24, 2021

in 2 days

Despite many warnings from the municipality and police, the use of horses and the water thrower, a large group in #Eindhoven continues to seek confrontation.

We are now using tear gas to drive this group out.

If you have no business in Eindhoven: stay away.


Avatar Author Police East Brabant Moment of places 14:49 - January 24, 2021

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A water cannon in Eindhoven has a flat tire and can no longer drive, reports a reporter at

Omroep Brabant


Rioters are still lurking around 18 September Square.

Police officers are on line.

If necessary, the police can still use tear gas again.

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ME deployment in Amsterdam seems successful

Live images from 


 show that Museumplein is almost empty again and the ME deployment there has been successful.

However, the protesters walked into the side streets where fireworks can be heard regularly.

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Unrest in Eindhoven flares up again

After peace seemed to have returned at 3 p.m. after intervention by the ME, the situation has again escalated somewhat.

Protesters who appeared to have been displaced walked around and approached officers from behind.

This caused the police to be briefly trapped.

The rioters threw stones at officers.

Using tear gas, the police finally managed to drive the protesters back.

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Amsterdam police has deployed water cannon

The police have started to evacuate Museumplein in Amsterdam, and have deployed a water cannon.

Most of the protesters stopped, some also threw fireworks at the police.

After that, the police intervened and began to disperse the protesters.

Officers used batons, horses, dogs and a water thrower.

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Despite the many warnings from the municipality and police and the declared emergency order, the protesters on the Museumplein do not disperse.

The police now act according to the script.

After several warnings via amplified sound, the water thrower was deployed.


Avatar Author Municipality of Amsterdam Moment of places 14: 19 - 24 January 2021

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Train traffic around Eindhoven shut down due to riots during demonstration

Train traffic to and from Eindhoven was shut down until at least 3.45 pm this afternoon due to police deployment, the Dutch Railways reported.


Eindhovens Dagblad

(ED) writes that this has to do with the unrest in the city.

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About thirty people arrested during illegal demonstration in Eindhoven About thirty people were arrested during

the illegal demonstration in Eindhoven, the police reported.

The majority have been arrested for failing to comply with the demand to leave the area.

Some have been arrested for (attempted) aggravated assault.

We are still working hard in the Eindhoven city center.

A large group is in and around the center of #Eindhoven and seems to be looking for a confrontation with and violence against the police.

We maintain and intervene where necessary.


Avatar Author Police East Brabant Moment of places 14: 08 - January 24, 2021

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UK Government Slightly Backs Up Statement About 'Deadlier' Mutant

UK Health Minister Matt Hancock told

Sky News on


that the government is "not entirely sure" how deadly the coronavirus mutant that first showed up in it. United Kingdom. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson last Friday angered many medical experts by stating that there is evidence that the mutant is more deadly than the previously predominant variant in the UK.

The experts say it is too early to determine that. 

Hancock also told 

Sky News

that England is "still, very, very, very far" from relaxing measures.

The number of cases is still "unbelievably high" and hospitals are under great pressure, the health minister said.

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Germany to Use Experimental 'Trump Treatment'

Germany becomes the first European Union country to use the same experimental antibody treatment that helped former US President Donald Trump recover from COVID-19.

Minister of Health Jens Spahn said this on Sunday.

"The government has bought 200,000 doses for 400 million euros," Spahn told

Bild am Sonntag


, which amounts to 2000 euros per dose.

The minister describes the drug cocktail as a "passive vaccination".

"Administering these antibodies at an early stage can help patients at risk avoid a more serious disease course."

The German order comes at a time of growing frustration in the EU over a slower-than-expected rollout of vaccines.

Vaccine makers Pfizer / BioNTech and AstraZeneca have both said they will deliver fewer doses to Europe than expected in the short term due to manufacturing issues.

The German government nevertheless expects to be able to give all Germans a vaccine by the end of August.

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Outgoing Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) has responded on Twitter to the fire in a test location in Urk.

The fire in a test location in Urk goes beyond all limits.

Just had contact with @GGDFlevoland.

Employees are rightly gutted.

Their pivotal work at the forefront of the crisis deserves respect and appreciation.

Nothing else.



Author Hugo de Jonge Moment of places 11: 08 - January 24, 2021

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Police ends illegal party in Zeeland

The police ended an illegal party last night in a shed in Ovezande, Zeeland (municipality of Borsele).

Police estimate that there were more than thirty people at the party.

Sixteen of them got a ticket for not keeping enough distance from each other.

Around 1.00 am Sunday morning, the police received a report of noise nuisance from a shed.

When the police officers and dog handlers arrived, they heard music and saw a lot of cars, campers and bicycles around the shed.

Inside, they found a party tent and partygoers hiding.

An official report is drawn up against the organizers of the event, a mother and her son.

in 2 days

Police Issue More Than 3,600 Fines for Curfew Violations

The police issued more than

3,600 fines

on Saturday evening and last night

for curfew violations.

There have also been 25 arrests, the police reported on Sunday.

The arrests were made because people refused to leave or committed open violence, police said.

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Belgian minister concerned about corona variants

The Belgian Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke, is concerned about the corona variants circulating in the country,




“There is danger in sight. On the one hand we see the finish line thanks to the vaccinations, but on the road there is also danger and that danger is with the mutants. The data is alarming. These mutants are rapidly spreading everywhere in Belgium. gets a wave below the waterline, it's an epidemic within an epidemic. "

In Belgium several schools are closed due to outbreaks.

The average number of hospital admissions and the number of new infections have also increased in recent days.

Just like in the Netherlands, the British variant is circulating, but in Ostend, several people have also been infected with the South African variant.

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GGD: Burned down test street is 'slap in our face'



in the corona test street in Urk last night was a "blow in the face" for GGD Flevoland.

Cees Verdam, director of public health at GGD Flevoland, says that it is being investigated how testing for the corona virus can be resumed as soon as possible.

The test street at the harbor site was set on fire on Saturday evening.

Dozens of people took to the streets of Urk to protest against the curfew, which was first used in the fight against the corona virus.

"Obviously, this will not give us cold clothes, as GGD we work very hard to combat corona. All our people put their heart and soul into this, and then this is quite a slap in our face," says Verdam .

"It is now a matter for the police and we let them do its job. What we have to do is see how we can resume the corona tests in Urk as soon as possible, because that is our task."

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The Hague police receives assistance from the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

provided assistance

to the Hague police

last night with two platoons


They are there to make sure everyone adheres to curfews.

The mayor of The Hague, Jan van Zanen, asked for this assistance in order to guarantee the police capacity.

In Amersfoort and Eindhoven, the Marechaussee is also ready to support the police, if necessary.

Not only Saturday evening, but also Sunday and Monday evening.

The assistance units can assist in maintaining public order and for additional work related to curfews.

According to a spokesman for the municipality of The Hague, it is not the case that the platoons are going to patrol the city.

They are called up in case of calamities.

"The KMAR is available on request to assist the police."

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Mayor of Urk outraged by riots during curfew

The mayor of Urk said he was "very outraged" about the riots during curfew last night. 

"A group of rioters were active who disrupted the peace in Urk with a behavior that cannot be given words", he writes on the website of the municipality.

"From throwing fireworks and stones to destroying police cars and the low point being the setting on fire of the GGD test location. This is not only completely unacceptable, but also a slap in the face of the GGD in particular employees who do everything at the test location to help Urkers. "

In Urk, young people made their way to the harbor in about a hundred cars after the curfew had already started.

Before it took effect, the police were already present in Urk with additional units.

The mobile unit of the police was also ready nearby. 

Two people have been arrested in connection with the unrest and dozens of fines have been issued for violations of the curfew.

in 2 days

This is how it went last night in Urk.

Rioting youngsters set fire to GGD test location in Urk

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Fourteen arrests in Stein after young people ignore curfew, officer slightly injured

In the center of Stein, Limburg, about a hundred young people were on their feet last night.

Despite curfew, they came out together to drink alcohol and listen to music.

When the police arrived, the young people refused to obey the officers' orders and threw fireworks at the police.

An agent was slightly injured during the deployment.

Fourteen people have been arrested so far, but the police are not ruling out more arrests.

in 2 days

in 2 days

The curfew started in the Netherlands on Saturday.

Does this mean that the streets and highways are deserted?

NU.nl filmed a number of places in the Netherlands on Thursday and returned on Saturday evening to understand the difference in images.

Difference before and after curfew: not extinct, but calmer

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New Zealand investigates possible first infection since November

New Zealand authorities announced on Sunday that they are investigating a possible local corona



The last time a corona case was recorded in the country was on November 18 last year. 

The Ministry of Health reported eight new corona infections in returning travelers on Sunday.

New Zealand requires travelers to quarantine at the border to prevent the virus from re-entering the country.

The total number of active corona cases among people in isolation is now 79.

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No new infections on Curaçao

for the first time in months No new corona

infections have been registered on Curaçao

for the first time in months.

A total of two hundred people were tested on Saturday, but none were tested positive.

104 people are still infected on the island.

Seven people are in hospital with a corona infection, three of which are in intensive care.

The number of infections on the island has decreased significantly in recent weeks.

At the beginning of December, there were still more than 1800 infections at that time.

Measures such as a curfew and a ban on meetings seem to be having an effect.

The government is generally satisfied with the behavior of the citizens.

Three people recovered from their corona infection yesterday.

Since March last year, twenty people have died on the island from the effects of COVID-19.

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Police fined 45 people at Zaltbommel for not complying with the curfew

The police

fined 45 people

on the A2 near Zaltbommel because they could not give a valid reason why they were outside despite the curfew. 

Officers had built a trap on the highway with crash absorbers.

As a result, every motorist driving south had to leave the highway to the parking lot of a roadhouse.

There they had to explain why they were outside despite the curfew.

It is not clear how many people have been checked.

The police kept the trap operating for two hours.

It was the only major road traffic control.

For the rest of this first night of curfew, the police will conduct regular patrols, but more of these types of highway checks may follow in the coming nights.

in one day

The mayor of Urk, Cees van den Bos, says on Saturday evening that he is ashamed of the dozens of young people who are causing unrest in the place.

Van den Bos has issued an emergency order.

Dramatic as this evening is going now.

I am ashamed of the events.

At the moment I, as mayor, together with the police chief and the public prosecutor, only have one means: the emergency order (issued) with the deployment of the riot police.

We want peace and quiet in Urk.


Avatar Author Cees vd Bos Moment of places 22:21 - 23 January 2021

in one day

The most important news of Saturday 23 January.


  • RIVM reports

    5,487 positive tests on



    That is slightly more than the average of the past seven days (5,340). 

  • The


    started on Saturday at 9 p.m.

    Most Dutch seem to comply with the measure, but

    protests or disturbances arose


    Rotterdam, Amersfoort, Stein and Urk


  • Passenger flights

    from the United Kingdom, South Africa and all of South America will be


    from the Netherlands

    from Saturday



  • At

    least 150 soldiers were infected

    during the inauguration of


    President Joe Biden. 

  • Thousands of

    Hong Kong


    have been quarantined over an outbreak in one of the city's poorest and most densely populated areas.

  • The

    Norwegian city of Oslo

    , as well as nine neighboring municipalities, must be in lockdown.

  • Portugal

    reports a record number of infections, namely 15,333. 

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Young people in Urk turn against the police and curfew

In Urk, dozens of young people are still on their feet to protest against the curfew.

After it went into effect at 9 p.m., young people drove loudly in about a hundred cars across the harbor, according to the police.

"A corona test street of the GGD has been set on fire," said a spokeswoman.


That was arson, there is no other way


She could not yet say whether arrests had been made.

"The fire brigade is busy extinguishing and the police keeps the youngsters at a distance so that the fire brigade is not hindered."

An hour after curfew, she said, there were still about fifty cars in the harbor area.

Messages such as 'anti-lockdown' are said to have been written on various cars.

in one day

There is a curfew throughout the Netherlands until 10 February.

What do we actually know about the effect of that measure?

in one day

In Wageningen, a freedom monument would have been packed as a protest against the curfew.

The statue of liberty has been wrapped up on the 5th May square in #wageningen.

If it is a protest action I think it is a good and symbolic action #curvy


Avatar Author Marcel van Aken Moment of places 20: 38 - 23 January 2021

in one day

Curfew in the Netherlands: deserted streets, but also protest

in one day

Various arrests in Stein, deployment of ME does not yet bring peace back Several arrests have been made in Stein,

Limburg, confirms a spokesman for the Limburg police in conversation with NU.nl.

It is not clear how many young people have been arrested.

Although the Mobile Unit has been deployed, peace has not yet returned to the village.

in one day

Arrests are now also being made at Binnenrotte in Rotterdam.

in one day

Police checks traffic on the A2 near Zaltbommel

The police is conducting a major check on the A2 near Zaltbommel in connection with the curfew that started at 9 p.m.

A so-called trap has been constructed using crash absorbers.

This means that all motorists will be led off the motorway in a southerly direction to the parking lot of roadside restaurant De Lucht.

There they have to tell why they are not inside.

in one day

Dam Square in Amsterdam is deserted.

in one day

NS: image at stations is very quiet

It seems that train passengers keep to the curfew.

"The image at the stations is very calm, there are no details to report", says a spokeswoman for the railways.

Here and there you can see passengers, but according to her they are probably people who have a letter in their pocket that they can be outside.

Public transport follows a hardly adjusted timetable.

in one day

Young people seek confrontation with police officers in the Limburg municipality of Stein

Despite the curfew, several hundred young people in the Limburg municipality of Stein have gathered on the street.

According to the police, they cause a lot of unrest.

They set off and throw fireworks.

According to 

De Limburger, this 

concerns about two hundred young people who had agreed via social media.

Partly because of this, the police knew of their plans.

Because the situation threatened to escalate, the Mobile Unit has been called up.

in one day

Three arrests at Markthal in Rotterdam, several fines

Also for the Markthal in Rotterdam, several dozen opponents of the curfew demonstrated on Saturday evening.

Several people were fined for not wanting to leave at 9 p.m.

Three people have been arrested.


We are going to experience it!

# lockdown2021 #AvondklokProtest Rotterdam !!


Avatar Author JackenWodan Moment of places 19:58 - 23 January 2021

in one day

The editors of NU.nl have listed all the rules and exceptions regarding the curfew here.

in one day

The curfew was announced tonight at various locations by the local city carillonneur.

In Haarlem the bells started ringing half an hour earlier to announce the start of the curfew, while in Zutphen residents were warned at 8.50 pm.

in one day

Utrecht Central died out when curfew came

on At Utrecht Central it seemed rush hour on Saturday evening around 8.30 pm.

People rushed off the trains, on the buses or went home by bicycle.

Travelers who took it easy often had a "pardon".

"I just got off work."

A few did suffer from stress just before 9 p.m.

"I am coming from my granddaughter's birthday and I still have to take the bus home. And now it is not driving. What a world we live in", the man sighs.

At the stroke of 8.55 the station was deserted.

The escalators turned, but with no one on them.

in one day

Curfew in force: it is quiet on the street from 9 p.m. to 4.30 a.m.

The curfew has started: until 4.30 a.m. no

one is


to leave the


without a valid reason


The cabinet introduced the measure this week to combat the corona virus.

People are not allowed to go out on the street or in other public places during curfew.

Among others, people who are on the road for work or in a medical emergency are allowed to go outside.

An exception also applies to informal carers.

It is necessary that they can submit a self-signed official statement, which can be downloaded from the website of the national government.

Anyone who is on the road for work also needs an official employer's statement.

Anyone who is unjustly outside risks a fine of 95 euros.

in one day

Dozens of people are protesting in Rotterdam and Amersfoort against curfew

At the Binnenrotte in the center of Rotterdam, some fifty people are currently protesting against the already announced curfew and other corona measures.

According to a spokesman for the police, there is no grim atmosphere and the group adhered to the measures.

The group was given ten minutes by officers to enter.

That period has passed.

"They are fined, after which we sweep the square clean," said the spokesman.

The fine for violating the curfew is 95 euros.

A small-scale protest action also took place in Amersfoort.

Dozens of Virus Truth activists would protest against the coming of the curfew.

It is not clear whether the activists are still outside.

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