Washington Capitals ’Russian quartet Alexander Ovetshkin, Yevgeny Kuznetsov, Dmitry Orlov and Ilya Samsonov recently violated the NHL’s strict interest rate rules.

Players spent a game trip together in a hotel room without face masks.

According to NHL corona guidelines, players should have stayed alone in their own rooms.

Capitals received a fine of $ 100,000, or more than 82,000 euros, for the violation.

Players were placed on a covid list, to which players exposed to or infected with the virus are placed according to NHL protocol.

Players on the Covid list are not allowed to participate in team activities.

Team captain Ovetshkin apologized for his behavior in the Capitals release, but his wife Anastasia Ovetshkina disagreed.

He loaded full-blown sarcasm in the direction of the NHL.

- Of course, only the Russian players in the Washington Capitals were in the same hotel room.

Of course, all other NHL players stay away from their teammates on away game trips.

Of course, the virus cannot infect on a bench where you sit together and hug when paint comes.

Nor can it be caught in the locker room or in the players lounge.

- Players can not get infected in supermarkets, shopping malls and so on.

The virus only works in a hotel room.

This rule must have been invented by some true logical type!

Ovetshkina wrote in the story section of Instagram.

According to Ovetshkina, her husband and Orlov have corona antibodies in their blood, meaning the players have contracted the disease at some point.

Washington Post reporter Samantha Pell posted on Twitter a screenshot of Anastasia Ovetshkina’s Instagram download.

Shortly after Ovetshkina opened, the Washington Post reported that goalkeeper Samsonov’s corona test had been positive and a flaw in his Russian teammates’s rules had been revealed as the NHL tracked Samsonov’s contacts.

The quartet will have to be on the sidelines for at least four matches.