Familiar tunes were heard at the inauguration of the new President of the United States, Joe Biden.

The Marine Band played part of Jean Sibelius' Finlandia at the beginning of the event.

The song has sparked debate and some have identified it on Twitter as a Be Still My Soul stream.

How did the excerpt from Finland end up as part of the wider success presented by the Marine Corps?

Unna Toropainen, curator of the Sibelius Museum, says that Finlandia is a work that “has lived a very wild coexistence” alongside the beloved Finlandia known to Finns.

- Finlandia is a work that has been the subject of numerous arrangements, says the curator.

According to Toropainen, especially in the United States, the melody of the Finlandia anthem can be found, for example, in several free church hymns.

It is therefore possible that the melody played at the inauguration ceremony is familiar to Americans from the hymn book - not so much as the Finlandia anthem.

- The melody is still the handwriting of Jean Sibelius, even if the text is different.

In other words, the right tone and song here is spotted.

Yes, one can feel national pride in this.

Finlandia is included in the inaugural video published on Youtube at 12:55.

Toropainen says that there are several lyrics for the Finlandia anthem in Finland as well.

The text, familiar to Finns and well-established in use, was written in 1940 by VA Koskenniemi.

So there are numerous "Finlandias" in the world.

- There are dozens of hymns alone.

In Wales, Finlandia has made its own words and has been used as a nationalist song.

In Norway, it was found in the Salvation Army hymnbook under the name Stjernesangen for about 80 years.

Finlandia was also chosen as the national anthem of Biafra, which seceded from Nigeria in 1967, as Land of the Rising Sun, but Nigeria rejoined the country in 1970.

The American poet Lloyd Stone, together with Georgia Harkness, wrote an English lyrics for the Finlandia anthem in the 1930s, and the song became The Song of Peace (This is my Song).

American folk musicians Peter, Paul & Mary later made their own version of the song.

The song has also been performed by Joan Baez.

Sibelius composed the first version of Finlandia in 1899. The composition received its current form in 1900.

- I don't think that Sibelius, when composing Finlandia, could have imagined that more than 120 years later it would live so strong around the world.

Toropainen says that Finlandia is one of Sibelius' best-known works in the world.

In Finland, it has a special value, and the Finlandia anthem has from time to time been proposed as the Finnish national anthem instead of the song Maamme.