Have you ever wondered what makes an outfit look particularly luxurious or trendy?

Namely, many of the products of popular luxury brands are very similar compared to low-cost products.

Discoveries can be made from discount sales, flea markets, second hand shops and Facebook groups.

If you want the contents of your wardrobe to look especially luxurious, there is a secret in colors and shades.

Black is known to be a sure choice for any occasion, unless it happens to be a wedding party.

Combining it with other neutral colors is also a very easy way to create a cohesive and luxurious outfit.

In addition to black and navy blue, the secret of easy luxury style also lies in 2021 in neutral and earthy tones.

Among other things, these six colors create a luxurious impression of any outfit:

Cream white



Chocolate brown

Forest green


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Source: Who What Wear