Olli Jokinen's South Florida Hockey Academy, which has had an extensive player career in the NHL and the Finnish national team, will organize a hockey camp in the second week of June in Iisalmi.

The camp is for all hockey girls and boys born between 2007 and 2012.

The camp can accommodate one hundred first registered junior players, according to a press release from the co-operation club Iisalmi Peli-Karhujen.

Jokinen's puck school has not previously operated in Finland.

Jokinen, based in Kuopio, says that he got the idea to bring the Academy to Finland last summer.

- I have familiar friends involved in IPK's activities and we happened to see you last summer.

This gave rise to the idea of ​​a possible collaboration between IPK and SFHA, commented the Academy's founder and coach Jokinen in a press release.

- Our skating coach (Joni Ahmavuo) has been in Finland all the time due to the coronavirus pandemic and has already visited Iisalmi to conduct skating exercises for IPK's Juniors during the winter, so the cooperation has already started.

In addition to Jokinen, at least Teemu Selänne, who has taught goal scoring to young national team promises, has kept the puck school in Finland among former top players.