The International Hockey Federation IIHF took over the final of the men's World Cup tournament from Belarus in the late spring on Monday, and a replacement for Belarus is now being negotiated with the Slovak Hockey Federation SZLH.

SZLH reported on the matter on Friday.

- We will provide the IIHF with information about possible competition organization.

We emphasize that nothing has been decided.

The matter can be resolved by the IIHF, SZLH chairman Miroslav Satan said.

In addition to Slovakia, Denmark is also interested in hosting the World Cup with Latvia.

It is also possible that the entire Games will be played in Latvia, which was the co-host of the World Cup with Belarus.

According to news agency Tassi, the IIHF will decide on hosting next Tuesday or Wednesday.

The World Cup is scheduled to take place from May 21 to 6.


MTV previously reported on the negotiations between Slovakia and the IIHF in Finland.