Petri Honkonen, the vice-chairman of the center, believes that the data gap between Prime Minister Sanna Marini and President Sauli Niinistö gives reason to shut down Twitter for a moment.

This is the case of the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

- The Navalnyi confusion raises the question of whether it would be worthwhile for us in leadership and responsibility positions to close Twitter at least momentarily and apply more often at the same table to discuss?

In times of international and domestic upheavals, this is not a completely trivial issue, Honkonen says in a press release.

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President Sauli Niinistö said yesterday that there was no prior discussion between him and the prime minister until Mari demanded the early release of Navalny on Twitter early Monday morning.

Marin explained the matter to IS with a misunderstanding.

His staff had had a discussion with the State Department official on Sunday.

The Prime Minister said he was of the opinion that the President's Office had also been contacted.

Marin himself discussed the matter with Niinistö on Monday only after his tweet.

- Yes, you can press Enter to sing.

There will be quick wins.

However, isn't it the task of our decision-makers to lead Finland and not Finland?

Honkonen asks and continues:

- It is said that cleanliness is half the food.

In foreign and security policy - if where - half the food is how to act.

The presidency leads in cooperation with the government - the order has not suddenly come.

It has been sanded long and hard.


Honkonen believes that the past shows that there is no room for foreign and security policy in Finland.

- When there is only uncertainty in the world, the answer would seem to be clear without saying.

Confusion should be avoided until the end of the rage.

I think putting Twitter on and sitting at the same table would also be worthwhile in domestic matters.

The situation in Finland is serious.

He highlights the dangers of unemployment, debt and socio-regional dichotomy and describes the prospect of becoming more serious.

- It would be for this country to go home to reach a common vision, even to solve these problems.


Because the Savotta in front to lift Finland to its feet is huge.

And long.

Honkonen can now gain support by confrontation, but what he sows may have to be mowed later.

- This is basically all about decision-making, agreement and cooperation.

Together or separately, and under whose leadership?

There would be every reason to talk about this much more and much more seriously.