Olympic champion Klete Keller, who was involved in the conquest of the U.S. Capitol, has suffered a tragic life change, The Guardian writes.

The 38-year-old ex-swimmer is another example of sports stars who have had difficulty adjusting to normal working life after their careers.

Keller won Olympic gold for swimming message trips in Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008. On personal trips, Keller won two Olympic bronzes.

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Keller’s marriage failed in 2014, and she was unable to hold on to her jobs.

Due to the maintenance payments for three children, he could not afford his own apartment.

So he lived in his car for almost a year.

The life situation made the man bitter and angry.

He ate, drank and gained weight.

- The pressures of a normal life were much scarier than the pressures in sports.

The consequences of the failures were real.

If I didn’t make trades at work or my boss was otherwise just angry, I was in danger of being fired.

Then there would be no more health insurance.

It’s very concrete, Keller says.

- You'd think all the lessons I learned from my swimming career would help.

But it really takes a lot of work to get them transferred to real life.

How to leave a bad day behind, for example.

Eli Bremer, who also competed in the US Olympic team, knows the situation.

- These athletes are heroes in the USA and many of them are in pain after their careers.

They have to cope with the challenges the mental side, as they are in employment often lag behind their peers in a decade.

In the field of politics, Keller’s friends found him largely harmless, although he strongly supported right-wing principles.

The Washington Post writes that a circle of friends recognized Keller as an acephanic.

The cellar faces a long prison sentence.

The FBI arrested him the day after the Capitol takeover.

The basement is accused of disrupting, harassing, and illegally infiltrating the Capitol.

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