Sex therapist Marja Kihlström has become familiar to Finns from several TV programs, such as Sex Tape Finland and Naked Attraction Finland.

Now, in a recent interview with Anna magazine, Kihlström recalls last summer’s “string bikini rush”.

In an interview, Kihlström talks about body peace and recalls the Instagram picture he published last summer in which he posed in so-called string bikinis, i.e. the bottom of a bikini that reveals his buttocks.

In an article published last summer, Kihlström said that a woman who uses “bum pants” could be subjected to slutshaming on the beach.

The barkers are women.

An interview with Anna magazine reveals that Kihlström has been wearing string bikinis for years, and has received striking glances and nasty comments from women.

In her view, the behavior of women angry with bare buttocks may be underpinned by the division in our culture into “good” and “bad” women, but also jealousy.

- Jealousy is a lot about inner experience, how to be and in whose eyes you feel accepted.

Often the biggest challenge is to be accepted and sufficient in your own eyes, Kihlström reflects in Anna.

The interview also raises the question of whether, in reality, instead of the “perfect” butt, the courage of another to dress revealingly is envied.

Have you been allowed to express your sexuality the way you want?

- Someone may be wondering why that dares to dress around when I don't get it or dare, Kihlström reminds Anna.

Kihlström, 33, is married and has three children.

Kihlström is known for his Blog Talk, but also as a writer.

His debut work Iso O was released in 2018.

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