The 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, took the oath of office in front of the Congress Building in Washington at about 11.45 local time, or 18.45 Finnish time.

By law, power always changes at 12. So Biden swore his oath about a quarter earlier than previously announced.

The reason why Biden's oath was brought forward has not been told.

Biden took the oath of office with his left hand in the Bible, his right hand up.

The oath of office was taken by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts.

- Congratulations, Mr. President, he said.

At the end of his oath of office, Biden kissed and hugged his Jill wife.

The oath of office itself proceeded according to the normal formula.

Prior to Biden's oath of office, Kamala Harris was sworn in as vice president.

Harris repeated the oath with his right hand up, his left hand with the Bible.

The Bible was kept by his wife Doug Emhoff.

After the oath, Harris hugged his wife and tapped Biden's fists on his own, smiling broadly.

Harris waved to the audience before returning to his seat.