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    Correspondent Mikko Marttinen reported on the spot from Washington.

The 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, takes the oath of office today, January 20th.

The highlight of the ceremonies is around 7 pm Finnish time, when Biden takes the oath and then gives his speech.

The resigning President Donald Trump, meanwhile, plans to leave Washington in the morning well in advance of his inauguration.

Trump's staff has sent invitations to attend the president's departure ceremonies at Andrews Air Base in Maryland on Wednesday at 3 p.m. Finnish time.

Trump’s departure has been surreptitiously prepared and information about it has been based on anonymous sources.

It is known that Trump is leaving the White House area by helicopter.

Trump has also been reported to have requested alien-level departure ceremonies with honors and artillery shots at Andrews Air Base.

However, there have also been rumors in the American media that the Department of Defense is reluctant to make major military remarks to Trump because such has not been the case.

The normally resigning president will leave for home after the inauguration directly from the Capitol, accompanied by the new president and with a lower profile.

The fact that the resigning President Trump and the first woman Melania Trump will not attend the successor inauguration is exceptional.

Due to the corona situation, the inauguration will be held by special arrangements.

Conventional evening parties have been canceled or moved to virtual.

The incident is surrounded by huge security arrangements due to the Capitol riots.