It is the tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church to be baptized in cold water as an Epiphany to celebrate the baptism of Jesus.

A bath in freezing water symbolizes baptism and cleansing from sins.

In Russia, the Epiphany is celebrated on January 19.

Russian President Vladimir Putin again this year participated in the tradition by taking a dip in the open.

The video associated with this story shows how Putin makes cross-signs and dives a few times in cold water.

A large icy cross has been built in front of the avanto.

This year, Putin's dive site was not made public.

In the past, Putin has completed an Epiphany tradition in a male monastery, for example, but this time the press release only said that baptism took place in the Moscow region.

In previous years, there have been orthodox priests around Putin, for example, at the time of the dip, but this time there are no other people in the pictures and video.

Russia and around Putin have been in turmoil in recent days when opposition leader Alexei Navalnyi returned to the country and was immediately apprehended at the airport.

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Vladimir Putin stepping towards the avant.Photo: SPUTNIK / Reuters

A large icy cross was built in front of the avanto. Photo: SPUTNIK / Reuters