In the Swedish novelty series Thin Wire (Tunna blå linjen, 2021–), it is reminded that encountering violence, anger and pain is part of the everyday life of the police.

Each strives to deal with difficult and sometimes grueling situations in their own way.

The work image requires composure, but what happens when emotions do get loose sometimes?

One of the police officers in the tenth series is the sympathetic Christian Sara (Amanda Jansson, familiar from Time series is our series), who, having dreamed of police work, starts her career as a graduate of the Malmö streets patrol.

He immediately finds himself on a collision course with the realities of the profession.

In addition to Amanda Jansson (left), the series includes Gizem Erdogan Leahina (center) and Anna Sise Fayena. Photo: SVT / Yle Kuvapalvelu

With a young police officer from Umeå, Sweden, idealism begins to shed when he notices the powerlessness of the authorities.

Could Sara still maintain her own humanity?

Indeed, the challenge for the compassionate Sara is that the problems of the work and the harsh fates that befall her would not go too deep and burdensome into emotions.

When asked by a supervisor about Sara's endurance, the rookie assures her well-being, even though she feels harsh on the field herself.

Jesse (Per Lasson) at a work gig. Photo: SVT / Yle Photo Service

In the first episode, the benevolent Sara encounters a troubled teenage girl.

Perhaps through an acquaintance that becomes too familiar, the girl begins to seek Sara’s protection whenever difficulties arise.

Sara's resources and good faith will soon be put to the test.

The series also follows Sara's police colleagues.

As a working partner, Sara gets a cynical Magnus (Oscar Töringe), who is both fascinated and annoyed by Sara.

Friction, for example, is caused by Magnus' precise use of the diet.

Magnus (Oscar Töringe) guards, among other things, Eating Sara.Photo: SVT / Yle Photographic Service

It will be interesting to see, as the episodes progress, how and in what direction the fellowship of the pair is still developing.

The main screenwriter of the series is Cilla Jackert (e.g. my father Marianne) and the main director is Sanna Lenken, whose debut film My Little Sister (2015) won several awards.

In the style typical of the present day, short somommo scrolls between the events of the series, in which rumors and pottery opinions contend with each other.

And, as is annoyingly common today, the work of the police is also constantly filmed on smartphones.

With a thin thread, on Monday 18.1.

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