According to Spanish police, Niko Ranta-aho, arrested in Marbella, was preparing to flee to the African continent.

Ranta-aho, suspected of drug offenses, was arrested on 12 January.

He is suspected of continuing his drug business even after he was released from pre-trial detention for the Katiska case last June.

According to police, Ranta-aho carried 1,400 euros, bank cards and a telephone when he was arrested.

In connection with the case, the police investigated two apartments in Marbella and confiscated 30,000 euros, a mobile phone and information technology.

The arrest was preceded by a year and a half of police investigation.

Ranta-aho is described in a police release as head of a criminal network focusing on ecstasy smuggling between Spain and Finland.

The press release does not mention Ranta-aho by name, but talks about a 33-year-old Finnish citizen.

Ilta-Sanomat received a press release from the police accompanied by a "press release, which we intend to send to the media in connection with the arrest of Niko Ranta-aho".

IS said last week that three other men suspected of involvement in the same serious drug offenses that led to the arrest of Ranta-aho were arrested in the Pirkanmaa District Court on Thursday.

According to Spanish police, about 100,000 ecstasy pills, two rifles, a pistol and other objects of investigative interest were found in the men's search.