In the ongoing World Cup in handball, Gauthier Mvumbi, 26, a line player from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has already had time to become a cult player.

Mvumbi caught the attention of social media especially with his physical size, which makes his stubborn look like an American football lineman.

He is 192 cents tall and, according to Marca, weighs a hefty 110 pounds, although the official website of the Games says 89 pounds.

In Friday’s early round match against Argentina, the centerpiece scored four goals with four attempts and looked completely unstoppable in the opening half of the match.

Congo's Mvumbia used their ability to concentrate their attacks in the middle of the pitch, rather than on the wings.

He accumulated more than 11 minutes of playing time.

Congo led the match sensationally on break, but lost by 22-28 goals.

Gauthier Mvumbi (right) is the case of the World Handball Championships. Image: Mohamed Abd El Ghany / AFP / Magazine

Mvumbi wrote on Instagram after the match in Argentina that people could call him “El Gigante,” or giant, in the future.

At the club team level, Mvumbi represents the French Fourth Division Dreux AC.

Marca estimates that the national team center may attract a little more attention in the future than before, even during the World Cup.

According to El Mundo, he was born in France to parents with a Congolese background.

Congo played against Denmark on Sunday night and lost the match 19-39.

Mvumbi said before the match that the Congolese team's goal is to grab a sweatband from the head of Danish star Mikkel Hansen.

Hansen’s club team is the French greatness PSG.

- I don't know what to win if the challenge is successful, Mvumbi told L'Écho Republicain.

Congo is participating in the World Cup for the first time in its history.

The World Cup will be held this winter in Egypt.