When the love story of Salla and her husband began, Salla was 19 years old.

The man was already familiar to Salla, as he had previously been dating Salla's older sister.

The big sister and the husband also had a child together, which Aunt Salla had.

However, the couple divorced.

- When my older sister and her husband divorced, we were not in immediate contact with the man.

However, the difference was terribly difficult for the man, as he had also been deceived.

At first, I helped the man to cope only with friends, but gradually romantic feelings also came along, Salla says.

- Love deepened when I found out I was pregnant with a man.


 Time helped, and my sister became my firstborn baby.

Disclosing the relationship was tricky.

Related parties were not accepted.

Some of the friends broke up.

Today, the couple has four children in common.

They have been together for over 20 years.

The reactions of the others hurt at first, but the couple says they survived through mutual love and support for each other.

The opinions of outsiders were not conveyed.

- We got into disputes, especially with my sister and our immediate family.

Many of our mutual friends considered me the beginning and root of all evil.

In addition, I was blamed for the difference between my sister and my husband, even though I had nothing to do with the difference.

Many of the friends of its time disappeared from our lives permanently, Salla says.

Today, the couple has very warm relationships with the whole family.

- In the end, the gaps had to be fixed.

I kept in touch with my sister in spite of everything, as she and my husband had a child together.

Time helped, and my sister became my firstborn baby.

- We will cope with everything together, because after the trials we have learned to talk about all sore things by their real names.

Love, support and understanding are related to everything in everything.

The opinions of others should not be cared for, only one's own can be considered.

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