- Relatives and acquaintances are hardly heard at other times, but when there are problems with the computer, then the phone rings.

This is what one ICT expert said in our story about which professional groups are most often asked to provide free services.

We recently asked Finns if they try to use their professional skills outside of work as well.

We talked earlier about the five professional groups whose assistants are most often asked for services.

Nurses, construction professionals, chefs, hairdressers and IT professionals reached the top.

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Now we have listed five more professional groups whose relatives and acquaintances are trying to ask for free services.

1. Electricians

Why hire an electrician if you can already find one in your circle of acquaintances?

This is how many seem to inch.

“Everyone is familiar and of course free and preferably yesterday.

- I helped them, who have been willing to help me when I'm asked. "

- electrician

“The best or worst case was a week before I counted my time.

The applicant regretted his mind when I did not go out of my way. ”

- electrical and automation installer

2. Drivers of vehicles

Taxi drivers in particular often receive pick-up requests from their acquaintances, but help is also sought from other drivers of work vehicles.

“Acquaintances may ask for a‘ guy discount ’or whether they should also pay for this ride.

Even unknown customers ask for special prices, volume prices and even free rides.

You will also often hear the phrase ‘can you already stop the meter at that even amount’, even if there is still a distance left.

“I kindly point out that I only get my share of the pay for the ride paid.

After all, I don't say at the checkout of the store that 'put it off and the rest for free' or 'can I get these for 15 euros' showing the whole shopping cart. "

- taxi driver

“When I was driving a closet car, there wasn’t a week that someone didn’t have something‘ small ’to move around.

There were even relatives who were not otherwise known, but the name on the phone screen already guessed what was needed.

Most can thank and even offer a small fee, but there have been those who thought using that car was free for me too. ”

- truck driver

“Sometimes the phone rings a week in advance to see if I’m driving on a particular day.

Has also become fooled, I am not or I am move somewhere far away.

Even friends don't always have to get services half-free. ”

- taxi driver

3. Lawyers

"Even those who know me ask for free advice or to solve legal problems."

- lawyers

4. Teachers

Among teachers, mother-tongue teachers seem to be particularly popular, but others also need services.

“A constant question from relatives and friends is‘ what book do you recommend ’.

In part, this is a nice little talk, but it also puts pressure on me because there’s a constant inadequacy for the job of not having time to read enough and feel all the books.

Proofreading and proofreading of, for example, job applications and theses are also desired. ”

- mother tongue and literature teacher

“As a language teacher, I may be asked for translation help or support teaching for my own child‘ for a small fee ’.

I'm usually refused, unless there was a question from a nearby, and advised to contact one another. "

- teacher

“Colleagues and acquaintances ask to make cards or even a small board.

Asking for tips on different techniques and so on.

At most, thank you is said.

Sometimes I get the feeling that I can be grateful when asked. ”

- visual arts teacher

5. Beauticians and make-up artists

“Asked for Midsummer, a nice cottage weekend for girls’ nights and little Christmas parties.

When you gladly accept the invitation, you still manage to say that please bring your eyebrows or pedicures.

"Others should enjoy their evening and I should happily do free work on the day off."

- cosmetologists

“Most new acquaintances are immediately interested in getting skin care tips and apologize when their makeup isn’t smooth or when anything.

I often interrupt topics by shaking: ‘Hey, exactly the same.

I'm free now. '”- beautician