US prosecutors have retracted their claim that Capitol stormers planned to kill or kidnap politicians.


reports this


Saturday based on court documents.

Prosecutors engaged in the prosecution of Jacob Chansley, a supporter of the Q'Anon movement who wore animal skins and horns during the deadly riots in Washington, argued Friday that rioters wanted to kill politicians.

Chansley was part of the group that broke into the Capitol on Wednesday when the result of the presidential election was approved.

Justice reports in court documents that he left a note there for Vice President Mike Pence that read, "It's a matter of time. Justice is coming."

The authorities' investigation also revealed evidence that rioters "planned to capture and murder elected officials".

This would be evident, among other things, from the "words and deeds" of Chansley, who was described by the judiciary as a drug user who is suspected of having psychological problems and a risk of flight.

A prosecutor in the US state of Arizona has now asked the judge to strike this allegation from court papers to avoid misleading the court.

Just hours earlier, Michael Sherwin, the Washington district attorney, said he had no direct evidence that Trump supporters wanted to imprison or kill politicians during the assault.


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