The Finns did well in the prestigious Nordic nature photography competition.

The results of the Nordic Nature competition were announced on Friday.

The organizer of the competition is the Norwegian magazine Natur & Foto.

Geir Ole Laberg won the first prize for his starry owl photo.

The winner is easy - rumored.Image: Geir Ole Laberg /

Elmeri Juuti from Turku, 16, was chosen as the young Nordic nature photographer of the year.

- Pretty good, after all, they are good, Elmeri described his mood in the evening.

The award-winning series features a cockerel on a bladderwrack and a seagull in a stormy wind.

Photo: Elmeri Juuti /

Photo: Elmeri Juuti /

There is a summer fox and a winter pair of mallards.

Photo: Elmeri Juuti /

Photo: Elmeri Juuti /

The series is complemented by a family of kaakkuris and a leper from Jurmo.

Photo: Elmeri Juuti /

Photo: Elmeri Juuti /

Elmeri says that he started a nature hobby at the age of 6, first watching birds and then grabbing a camera.

- Nikon D500 SLR camera, Elmeri says.

Elmeri has been a long-term success in the Kuusamo Nature Photo youth series and received honorable mentions in the Nature Photo of the Year competition.

- I like to move in the archipelago, Jurmo is number one in places, Elmeri says.

In recent subjects, he has recently focused perhaps a little less on archipelago wings.

- Metso and Teeri are under construction.

Elmer has a blog where he talks about his hobby.

"Working on it."

Capercaillies and terns hid Elmer with his cameras in the forest. Photo: Elmeri Juut's home album

Second place in the landscape series was taken by Ari-Matti Nikula, who pictures a lot in Kuusamo and has published the book Northern Impressions (2018).

He also has his own blog.

Photo: Ari-Matti Nikula /

The award-winning image is a “typical” landscape from Kuusamo.

Honorable mentions Nikula grabbed three, two in the creative series and one in the landscapes.

Photo: Ari-Matti Nikula /

Photo: Ari-Matti Nikula /

Photo: Ari-Matti Nikula /

Kirsi MacKenzie, a Helsinki-based language lecturer known for his dreamlike landscapes, took second place in the creative series.

Photo: Kirsi MacKenzie /

He has published a book about his pictures, The Magic Landscapes of the North (2017).

MacKenzie received an honorable mention in the landscape series.

In the series of bird pictures, one of Finland's best-known and internationally awarded bird photographers, Helsinki-based Markus Varesvuo, received an honorable mention in a rare hippie photograph.

There are pictures of Varvuo in many nature books.

Photo: Markus Varesvuo /

In the series, endangered nature received an honorable mention with an exciting seedling image by Miikka Pulliainen.

The photo was taken in the middle of Helsinki in Longinoja, which flows through Malmi and Pukinmäki and Savela to Vantaa.

Pulliainen says that he specifically acquired equipment for water boundary imaging.

- I remember wondering how great it would be to get half a picture of a trout swimming underwater and half a picture of it above the water.

He especially liked the red cottage in the background of the pretty urban rapids.

- I managed to approach the situation without scaring the fish and started filming.

About 600 pictures were created, of which about 599 ended up in the trash.

He sent a publication to the photo contest.

Longinoja has been voluntarily restored to a spawning stream for trout and even with good success.

Spawning trout are a popular attraction in late autumn and a wild spectacle that will be peeking out with flashlights.

Risto Raunio, who has photographed nature for more than 40 years, received an honorable mention in the mammal series with his wolf image, in which the water element is also present.

The poetry book Listen carefully (2017) was recently published from the pictures of the ruin.

Photo: Risto Raunio /