The intentions of the occupiers are set out in the writ of imprisonment.

The trial on Friday calls for the continued imprisonment of one of the most prominent figures in the occupiers, Jacob Anthony Chansley.

A half-naked “shaman” dressed in a horned headdress and fur is affiliated with the QAnon conspiracy organization.

Chansley, 32, has used the name Jake Angeli.

“Strong evidence, such as Chansley’s own report and operations at the Capitol, supports the assumption that congressional intentors intended to kidnap and assassinate elected representatives of the U.S. administration,” the prosecutor said, according to CNN.

Chansley entered the House of Congress and visited Vice President Mike Pence as chairman, leaving a note that read, “Justice is happening.

It's just a matter of time. ”

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Chansley said in FBI interrogations that the patch was not meant to threaten Pence, but Chansley believes the vice president is still a “traitor trafficker”.

According to theories disseminated by the conspiracy network QAnaon, the world is believed to be in the possession of a corrupt satanist power elite guilty of ongoing pedophilia and ritual murders.

Trump is, in theory, a savior who leads the forces of good against evil and will arrest masses of people who have committed alleged crimes.

- She loves Trump, every word.

He listened to Trump.

He felt he was responding to the president’s invitation, Chansley’s attorney Al Watkins told CNN.

Prosecutors see Chansley as a threat because he has the means to raise money quickly because he is “one of QAnon’s leaders and mascots”.

According to the prosecution, Chansley has mental health and drug problems.