Edmonton’s Jesse Puljujärvi returned to the NHL ice on Thursday morning after a nearly two-year hiatus.

The return of the former super promise to the Oilers' shirt was closely watched not only in Finland but also among Edmonton fans.

The Torn player, who played just over 13 minutes on the edge of the triple chain, was left without power points in a 3–5 loss against Vancouver but stood out several times in the trough.

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Absolutely most of those who commented on Puljujärvi's excerpts on Twitter were happy with what they saw.

Likewise, Jonathan Willis, a journalist for The Athletic, who wrote that he liked the rest of Puljujärvi's grip except for the cool.

Perhaps the most spectacular performance of the Puljujärvi match was the puck stripping from Vancouver sensation defender Quinn Hughes. Photo: Dale Macmillan / ZUMA / MVphotos

Numerous fans, based on what they saw, immediately demanded a screening place for Puljujärvi alongside Connor McDavid and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in the top chain, where Zack Kassian, who was straightforward and very deficient in puck skills, was cool.

- Mandatory changes to the next match: move Puljujärvi to the number one chain, for example, one commenter wrote.

- Puljujärvi has self-confidence and he is capable.

He is in the early season with a push to the right of the number one chain, another analyzes.

- I ask you to move to the number one chain in Puljujärvi once again, which was the wish of a fan.

Puljujärvi was a second superiority in his return match, but the chances were very limited, as the number one team rotated about three-quarters of the special situation time.

Edmonton lost all four of their strengths in the match.

The bull-like Puljujärvi was also demanded among the fans for the number one composition conducted by McDavid and Leon Draisaitl.

- Try Puljujärvi immediately in number one supremacy with goal scorer instead of Chiasson, one fan demanded, and many others communicate the same.

Positive messages from Lake Puljujärvi were the clear majority in the Twitter stream.

- Puljujärvi was by far the best of the two lower chain attackers.

- Puljujärvi has all the tools to be a really dominant player in the NHL.

Wait until he gets a little self-confidence.

The two biggest hurdles have already been passed: McLellan and the language barrier, one wrote with reference to Edmonton’s former head coach.

Of course, not all one game was convincing yet.

- I'm not against it, that Puljujärvi transferred to the upper chains, but I'm still worried about his ability to read the game at this level, one respondent wrote.