Nina Syrjäläinen, who runs a taxi company in Ristiina, Mikkeli, disappeared with her space taxi on Tuesday evening.

The latest sighting of him is around the evening in the center of Ristiina.

- The concern is great for all of us, the taxi company's Facebook page writes.

According to a taxi company Facebook update, Nina presumably wore work clothes when she disappeared, i.e. a black jacket with Nina's Special Taxi Services on her back.

He possibly also wore black jeans with the company’s NS logo on the second back pocket.

The registration number of the lost car is SNS-438.

Police are currently looking for a woman.

At least for the time being, it is not yet the case that there is reason to suspect a crime.

Police are asking to report sightings to the general emergency number 112.

- We're trying to find where he is.

- If there are any observations on this car or person on Tuesday afternoon, we are interested in them and may report them, Commissioner for Crime, says Investigator Timo Häkkinen about the Eastern Finland Police.

Ristiina's entrepreneurs rewarded Nina's taxi business as last year's company.

The company will turn 11 this spring.

In an interview with Ristiinalainen magazine last year, Nina said that she has had the opportunity to get to know a wide range of customers, from multimillionaires to the seriously ill and from schoolchildren to drunkards.

- Sometimes someone asks if you are not scared, for example, drunk.

Of course, even in this job, it is not always just to have a smile on your face, but when you have a good attitude, it often helps, Nina said in an interview with the magazine.

Corrected at 14.10.

The last sighting of Nina is on Tuesday, not Monday, as was originally written in the story.