Throughout Tuesday, Toini-Pyry has tried Southern and Western Finland hard.

The meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Hannu Valta, hits Ilta-Sanomat on the counter with the cold snow of the day.

TOP 5 snow deposits over the last 24 hours by measuring point:

1. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Observation Station: 33 cents

2. Lohja Porla Observation Station: 31 cents

3. Espoo Nuuksio Observation Station: 26 cents

4. Kemiönsaari Observation Station: 20 cents

5. Hyvinkää Village Observatory and Rauma Pyynpää Observatory: 18 cents.

The video above shows Tuesday's bus chaos in Hakaniemi, Helsinki.

Power points out that in general there is, of course, a lot more snow.

- The largest snow depth in Finland is currently at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport observation station, where the total snow is up to 55 cents.

The next largest snow depth is in Lapland, Enontekiö, where the snow is 50 cents.

- Approximately once a decade, the depth of snow is greater in the south than in the north, Power points out.

Power is expected to continue with snowfall well into Wednesday, but Tuesday’s snowfall will hardly be reached.

At the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, there has been as much as 33 cents of snow during the last day. Photo: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva