Marika Nicoll, 49, from Finland, received the first dose of a coronary vaccine made by Pfizer and Biontech about a week before Christmas.

She works as a nutritionist in the Intensive Care Unit and Surgical Department at a hospital in Scotland near Glasgow.

Nicollin was due to receive the next dose of the vaccine on January 17, but in the UK it was decided to delay the second dose for up to 12 weeks after the first dose.

According to the original plan, the second dose was to be given within 3 to 4 weeks, just as the vaccine manufacturers instructed.

- This is disappointing, of course, but on the other hand I understand the reason behind the decision, Nicoll says.

A more contagious corona variant has wreaked havoc in Britain.

According to the British authorities, in a critical situation, it is better to give one dose of the vaccine to as many as possible than to two smaller groups.

According to the British Vaccine Committee, the first dose of the Pfizer and Biontech vaccine will provide up to about 90% protection in the short term.

According to the British authorities, the same figure for the AstraZeneca vaccine would be around 70%.

In addition, according to the Vaccine Committee, the second dose is important specifically for the long-term effect and is as effective or even more effective when given after 12 weeks.

However, according to many experts, there is still insufficient research data on the matter.

There has been a lot of debate about this in Britain.

- This has become a bit of contradictory information about different channels, Nicoll says.

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Nohynek shares two concerns

Marika Nicoll hopes to get to Finland soon.

However, she will not travel until it is certainly safe.Photo: Marika Nicollin's home album

Nicoll’s daily routine has hardly changed since the first dose of the vaccine.

- Unfortunately, no.

I would have liked this to have been more useful already.

However, there is no guarantee that I will not get sick or spread the disease.

He dreamed that he would soon be able to visit Finland, but his travel dreams are still frozen.

Nicoll has not been to Finland for more than a year.

- I already have terrible longing for relatives and friends, but can't I still travel in the summer?

I don’t want to take any risk of getting someone sick, he says.

At Nicoll’s ward, all employees have already received their first dose of coronary vaccine.

It eases a bit of the stress, as the coronary situation in the hospital has worsened over the last couple of weeks and is now chaotic.

- We try to do our best, but the virus just spreads from one department to another.

People come to the hospital without the virus but get it from there.

Even microbiologists were wondering how to limit the spread of the virus.

According to Nicoll, it is likely that this is a new, more contagious corona variant.

- The disease is spreading so much faster than before.

The hospital no longer really has wards without coronary patients.

There is just not enough space.

- Employees are really stressed and tired.

Maybe even sometimes a little careless, because they just can no longer cope to think clearly.

Nicoll’s job is to take care of the food intake of the patients in the intensive care unit.

Currently, a large proportion of patients are coronary patients, although some have been hospitalized for other reasons and become infected later on.

- Coronary patients in the intensive care unit have a high need for energy and protein.

Hose feeding is usually used, Nicoll says.

Marika Nicoll has lived in the UK for almost 30 years.

There is currently a widespread rate cut in Britain.

You are allowed to leave home only for allowed reasons. Photo: Marika Nicoll's home album

Thanks to the first dose of the vaccine, Nicoll does not have to worry as much about the disease as before.

He didn’t even miss a moment when the opportunity to take the coroner vaccine was offered.

- I have seen close up, the young and apparently healthy people have been killed koronaan.

Nicoll did not experience any side effects from the first dose of the vaccine.

- Only the hand was a little sore the next day, he says.

Marika Nicoll in full protective gear. Photo: Marika Nicoll's home album