FC Barcelona captain Lionel Messi is known as a player who preferably gives only his left leg to speak.

At the end of last month, however, he made a rare exception and gave a lengthy interview to Jordi Evole, a reporter for the Spanish channel La Sexta.

Messi was talking at the time about everything that bothered him in the activities of FC Barcelona's management and explained why he had wanted to leave the company in the summer.

The public opening seems to have freed the Mess from considerable burden, and it has been reflected in his grip on the field.

On Wednesday night, Messi shone on the former model when FC Barcelona sought an extremely important away win for Athletic Bilbao.

Messi finished with two goals and Barca won 3–2.

As a result, Barcelona’s gap to the top of the series, Atlético Madrid, narrowed to seven points.

HAY LIGA (championship battle is alive), rejoiced in the Catalan magazine following Barcelona after the match.

However, a glance at the league table shows what a huge task Barcelona still faces.

The gap with Atlético is still long and the Madrid club has two games less played.

In addition, Atlético has a trump card in its ranks: central striker Luis Suárez, who is at the top of the La Liga paint exchange, a good friend and longtime teammate of Mess.

Luis Suárez have already finished nine league goals for Atlético Madrid this season.

The most recent hit was a last minute winning goal for the Alaves net. Photo: Cesar Manso / Lehtikuva / AFP

Messi and Suárez played together at FC Barcelona from 2014 to 2020, during which time Suárez scored a total of 198 goals for the club.

The co-operation was to continue for two more seasons, but in the summer Barcelona announced that the services of Suárez were no longer needed.

Barcelona was so eager to get rid of the Uruguayan Suárez that he paid him two years' salary and let him leave with a transfer fee of four million euros - a mock price.

Messi opened the club in an interview with the solution Evolène.

- I thought it was complete madness.

The club management bought out the Suárez contract and let him go for free to a team fighting us for the same title, Messi said.

Messi was absolutely right in her eruption.

Admitting Suárez to Atlético is one of the most blatant own goals in football booths in recent years.

Instead of Suárez, this season, for example, Barcelona have given 741 minutes of playing time in the Spanish league to second-class Danish leader Martin Braithwaite, who has scored two goals.

Meanwhile, Suárez has bombed points for Atlético.

Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu, who is primarily responsible for the mistake, has already resigned and members of the club will elect a new beak man at the end of this month.

Number one on the agenda of the incoming chairman is to persuade Messi to stay with him.

It’s not going to be easy, but one straw man left in an interview: he said he won’t decide on his future until the summer.